Thursday, December 31, 2009

****Happy New Year****

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone a very happy new year!Also a very big thank you for the get well posts,it was so nice of you to take the time to write and I appreciate it very much.It is taking longer than I expected,but I am getting better day by day.I have been taking a high dose of antibiotics daily,(3,600 mgs)and it makes me a bit drained out.The pnuemonia has cleared but I am still dealing with the staph infection that caused three abcesses on my leg, one being severe with cellulitus.I also have issues to work out for my teddy business due to paypals latest 21 day hold period that will apply to more than ebay transactions.If you are a seller with a paypal account for your website,etsy,ebay or other venue you may want to check your paypal account to see if you will also be placed on a hold to recieve your funds.I am trying to avoid too much stress at this time but I must say paypal and ebay are really making me loathe them more each day.Of course ebay owns paypal so they assume they can run all businesses as they do on ebay.As for the new bears and kitties they should be listed within a couple of weeks.I will update when they are completed.Have a wonderful New Year!~~~~Sharie

Friday, December 18, 2009

Home from the hospital and on the mend

You may have noticed I haven't been posting or offering any new bears for quite some time.The reason is I became very ill and had to be hospitalized for a week.I had no access to my computer during that time and most likely couldn't have posted if I could.I had been so busy working on my bears for special orders and ebay plus weatherizing for the winter months,I wasn't taking care of myself even though I felt rundown and a bit under the weather.Being so busy I thought it was just stress and a small little cut that would heal and if I needed to see the doctor I would just go after the holidays.....bad idea....what I ended up with was pnumonia and a severe abscess on my leg that led to being put in the hospital for a week.It was a week of hell being on the IV along with the numerous blood tests to endure I can't even express how happy I am to be home!I still have to take things slowley to recouperate and will be on medication for a straight 15 days to make sure I get completely well again.I will try to have some of the new bears and kitty's I had almost completed before I became ill listed sometime after Christmas.I will be sure to post their pictures when they are completed.Hugs~~~~Sharie

Monday, November 30, 2009

***New bears and kitty cats in the making***

I am once again busy as a bee trying to finish
up new teddy bears and kitties for my next listings.I have an antique style bear in an old fashioned dress,two dainty seven inch mohair kitties and remember the poor little cream felt kitty that has been waiting to be completed?Well she is almost done and will also be making her debut by the end of this week,or early next week!(the before photo is pictured here with her head on a brown test body)I plan to have her dressed in this pretty blue vintage doll dress.Also,I have had many requests for the little kitties&bears so I also have five of each in progress,for a total of 10(whew...I'll be busy!)to have them completed before the holidays.I will keep you posted on their progress.~~~Hugs.....Sharie

Friday, November 20, 2009

*New Teddy Design&Mini Bears now Completed*

***~~~All the Teddies have now been adopted and are traveling to their new homes :)~~~***

I am so happy to introduce you to my new teddy design,Cody a super sweet faced panda bear cub with realistic features.Cody measures 11 inches tall and is made from mohair with handtinted accents.He is fully jointed for a variety of posing possibilities.I've given him a handsculpted nose complete with sculpted little pawpads and feet with tiny toes!I just love the way he turned out,his personality makes him seem so real.Also finished are three dainty little mohair bears measuring 6&7inches tall.Happy the cream bear,Blue a 6" teddy and Crystal,a 7"white teddy with shimmering bow and a little snowflake on her tummy.All will be available on ebay shortly.Hope you like them!~~~~Sharie***Quick update***All teddies are now on ebay and available for adoption~~~ Little Crystal and Happy have been adopted~~~Unfortunately,I had to end Cody's auction due to many mistakes in his first listing to be able to revise them correctly.He should be reappearing shortly~~~Sorry for the confussion!.....sharie

Friday, October 30, 2009

New works in progress and auction update

Once again my ebay auctions have ended with all going to new homes except little Doris bunny who is residing in my ebay store.In hopes of finding her a new home I have lowered her price to $68.I have been very busy this week working on brand new designs along with some of my old favorites and will have them available early next week.I have also been hard at work on the little cream kitty and am happy to announce she has her new fully jointed body and will be getting her coloring and highlighting soon.Also in the making is a sweet baby faced bear and an antique style teddy with an old wobbly feel. I will post some pics of their progress very soon!~~~~Sharie ***Doris bunny has now been adopted and will be traveling to her new home shortly:)***

Friday, October 23, 2009

*Update*New Bears&Kitty now available on Ebay

I have found the problem causing the glitches on my computer(IE 8 security update clashing w firewall)So now that I have that problem under control,I decided to list my newest bears&friends on ebay!They are now all listed so if you would like to visit their listings,please follow the Ebay link on the right!~~~~~Thank you....Sharie....Hi again,I had a couple of updates I wanted to share and rather than write a new post,I thought I would just add to this one.I will be focusing on my old style of bears that feature the fully jointed body designs.This will include some of my older styles and some brand new designs of bears and teddy friends.One of the latest head designs is featured on Harvey,the harvest panda(featured above with the white head and homespun body)I just love his sweet innocent look and can't wait to make more of his style with a jointed body.I also plan to finish the poor cream felt kitty pictured below in an older post.She is also a little sweety I plan on creating more of.Also in the making is my pattern line that will feature one piece designs and the jointed variety.I hope to have at least a couple of patterns ready before winter.Well that's it for now but I will post any new updates on new bears-n-friends and patterns as soon as they are available.~~~~Sharie

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

*New Creations Completed and now in my ETSY Shop*

I am so happy to announce my new kitties,bears,pandas and bunny are now completely finished and available in my etsy shop.I encountered more puter problems today so I was not able to list any of the gang on ebay.You can find the link to my esty shop on the right of my blog if you would like more info and photos of the bears n friends.~~~Hugs....Sharie

Monday, October 19, 2009

*Sneak Peek*New Creations Nearly Completed*

After quite a week of being extremely under the weather,along with some computer problems to make me think I might be jinxed,I am happy to announce all seven works in progress are almost completed,just needing a few small finishing touches.The gang should be finished by tommorow and I will be updating both my etsy shop and ebay store.If I find I am having computer problems again(can't stay connected to the internet)I may list all seven in my Etsy shop.Hope you like them!~~~~Sharie

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Pip mini panda now available in my etsy shop

I have a new mini available in my etsy shop,his name is Pip and he is looking for a new home.I am a bit behind schedual due to a pesky fall cold,but I am hoping to list alot of new cuties as soon as possible,seven total!I will be sure to keep you posted~~~~Sharie

Thursday, September 24, 2009

*New Fall Panda Bear Clowns and Folk Art Too!Now on Ebay

Here are my newest teddy creations!There is Cider,a beautiful bright orange/brown panda bear clown in autumn colors,Tart a tan and burgandy red toned panda clown also in the fall theme of red ripe apples with caramal topping(yum!) then there is little cooky panda,an adorable sweet faced teddy holding her little gingerbread cookie and finally finished is two folk art creations,a black/white panda bear clown and a really fun black Halloween folk art kitty ready for trick or treating!(I will post more pics of the folk art panda and kitty on my folk art blog as soon as possible.)All are available on ebay auction if you would like to see their listings.Thank you!~~~~sharie *I have some pics of the cloth folk art panda and Halloween kitty on my folk art blog if you would like to view them~~~Thank you~~~sharie

Monday, September 14, 2009

~~Little orphan available on ebay auction~~

Poor little Buttons,a primitive style felt panda cub was the only teddy left in my ebay store so I decided to lower his price and offer free priority shipping in the US and reduced first class international shipping of $6 in hopes of finding him a new home! It has been quite a busy weekend and start of a new week but I am already planning new creations that I hope to have available soon,including the cream kitten pictured below.I also still have plans for a new line of patterns that will consist of some of my one piece mohair bears n friends,painted cloth folk art bears,kitties,bunnies and other critters along with a line of primitive snowmen,gingerbread,pumpkin,Annie and other painted cloth folk art designs.I have them all drawn on paper so now it's just a matter of getting them into their pattern form.I wish I could snap my fingers to get them all ready but of course I can dream can't I... lol?I just want to take my time on them so that they will be easy to understand and not too complicated to make.Well that's it for now and I will post any new updates as soon as they are completed.~~~~Sharie ***Little Buttons has been adopted and will be traveling to his new home in Switzerland!***Thank you~~~sharie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

~~~Kitty,Bunny,Polar Bear&panda Bear completed and in my ebay store~~~

well here is the gang finally finished and listed in my ebay store for immediate adoption!As you can see they were completely transformed from their before pictures shown below in an earlier post.They are all created from felt with glass eyes and measure 8 inches tall,each made to look whimsical vintage bears&friendsYou can have a peek at all their listings by visiting my ebay store at the link to the right.~~~Thank you~~~sharie ***little kitty ,bunny,polar bear and panda clown have all been adopted~~~thank you!~~Sharie

Thursday, September 3, 2009

~~~Christopher kitty completed and now on ebay~~UPDATE~

Well here is Christophers big reveal,dressed in his victorian outfit!He is now listed on ebay if you would like to have a peek at his auction with many more photos!I will be listing the felt kitty bunny and bears tommorow in my ebay store!~~~HugsxxxxxSharie
***I did not get a chance to completely finish the felt crew and list them today as planned,but they will be coming soon!****sharie ~~~quick update on Christophers auction~~~First a huge thank you to all who watched and bid on Christopher,he was my most watched creation for me to date at a steady 69 to 73 watchers!I also never dreamed the final bid would reach such a large amount, for which I am so thankful!~~~Biggest Hugs~~~~sharie

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

**Busy Busy!~~New kitty cats,bear,bunny and patterns in the making~~~

Hi everyone,I haven't had much time to post since I returned from my brief vacation.I have been consumed working on my new kitties and friends,and even some new patterns that I am hoping to offer soon. I am so proud of my newest kitty pictured in the blue hat.He is still a work in progress,and is my largest kitty to date measuring 15 inches tall,not including his tail and is completely jointed.
He is loosely based on my real kitty Rudy in the pics below.He is made from white mohair with handpainted accents and has a pressed mohair muzzle.I will keep secret what his outfit will be until he is completed ( will match his blue velvet hat :)
.. Next is the white felt kitty I was talking about in an older post,how her little head looked so real in my hands,and I am just thrilled with the way she is turning out.....she reminds me of a kitten puppet!Of course as you can see her head is on a temporary brown body waiting for her own to be finished hehe.Next is a group of felt slimkins which are also in the making still needing a few finishing touches.and last but not least is my very first pattern line that will be available in the next couple of weeks!I can't wait until they are completed as I have been wanting to offer patterns of my bears&friends for such a long time.I am planning on listing the big tabby kitty and the felt slimprims on Ebay by Thursday with the patterns and little cream felt kitty coming soon.I will post any new updates before listing on Ebay!~~~~Sharie

Friday, August 21, 2009

~~Back from my 3 day getaway at Wisconsin Dells~~

Hi everyone!I thought I would share some photos of my mini vacation at Wisconsin Dells.Me,my husband,my sister and a close family friend stayed at a wonderful motel called the Indian Trail located a short distance from mainstreet(Broadway)in Wisconsin dells.We did a lot of shopping,way too much eating(I am trying to stick to a diet!)and a lot of sight seeing but the most fun we had was in the indoor pool along with the hot tub and the sauna.I have posted some pics including the main enterance (pool house to left)
the area that we stayed with a short walk to the pool house doors,the pool itself and a photo of the pool house lit up in the evening.It did get a bit chilly and rainy but for the most part we had a very relaxing time.Our trip back home wasn't so pleasant as it poored rain during most of the drive.It's great to be back home and I can get back to working on my bears and friends that I will have finished for next week.I will try to post some works in progress soon!~~~~Sharie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

***New Ebay Teddy Store now open***

After much debate,I have decided to open my ebay store with new offerings and some of the gang from my etsy shoppe.It's not that I dislike etsy in any way,but artist bears seem to have a long waiting period to be adopted into new homes.Here are two new teddies I have available on ebay,Molly the beautiful pink toned panda on the left is listed in my store and Twinkles,the sweet faced teal blue toned panda(love the way his coloring turned out!)is listed on auction for 5 days ending on Sunday evening.Little Bonbon the 7in creamy pink panda is also on ebay auction.
I hope you like them and get the chance to visit their listings.I also have more bears in progress including the felt kitty and teddy I was describing in an earlier post along with some more felt clowns that will also be completed soon.I will update their pics as soon as they are completed.~~~~Sharie

Monday, August 10, 2009

~~etsy sale,new designs soon~~

I though I would share the latest updates for August.It has been a busy month so far and I will be having a little break next week(yippeee!)as my family will be going to Wisconsin Dells for a 3 day getaway.Shortly after we return,my husband will be having surgery to repair some broken wires in his chest and a surgical hurnia.He returned to work too soon after his heart bypass 3 years ago,and since then he already had one surgery for the hernia(stubborn as a mule!)work is so important to him and he never listens to the doctors advice.Since I will be away next week,I decided to have a sale in my etsy shop in hopes of finding new homes for some of my creations.The felt slimprims were quite welcomed so I may be adding a few more this week.I even found time to finish two more designs that too my supprise turned out perfectly.they are the traditional design with the added center gusset and a fully jointed body.One(my fav!)is a kitty cat that turned out incredibly realistic.I held her little head in my hand and was stunned how she looked like a real kitty looking back at me!The second design was a teddy with a nice long full snout and a sad but sweet expression.I can't wait to share their pics soon.~~~~Sharie

Saturday, August 8, 2009

***New Primkins kitty&panda now in my etsy shop***

My new primkins design is now available in my etsy shop.there is a tabby kitty cat and an old vintage style panda bear both created from mohair and measuring a dainty 9 inches tall.Little BonBon is also available in my shop as her ebay auction ended without her finding a new home.Ginny and blinky(blue and rose colored teddy's in basket pictured below in previous post) were also orphaned,so they are also listed in my etsy shop.~~~sharie

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~~Antique Style Teddy Bears & Friends in my ETSY Shoppe~~~

~~~This is my newest old style felt designs
***SlimPrims***they are made too look like antique felt teddies and friends from long ago.I will be listing them in my ETSY Shop if you would like to visit their listings.I will also be adding two little mohair bears to my shop tommorrow~~~~ ~~sharie ***BonnieBunny and Happy clown panda have been adopted*** thank you

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Pandas now completed and ready for adoption

I am so happy to announce the new panda bears are now completed and available for immediate adoption on ebay! There is Lila,a 9in lilac color themed inspired panda(once the white teddy in the pic with the white kitty)Pepper,a 9in black and charcoal gray panda,Fluff a little 7 in baby kewpie panda with a tuft of blue hair ontop her head,and JoJo,a 7in rust/burgandy with deep accent colors.They are all available for immediate adoption and if you would like to view thier
listings,just click the ebay link on the right of the page.I hope you enjoyed meeting the gang!~~~Biggest hugsxxxxxSharie ~~~update****Pepper,Fluff and Lila have been adopted.....Little JoJo panda(bottom pic)is still available **JoJo has also been adopted**~~~Thank you!.....sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...