Sunday, August 22, 2010

***New bears kitty cats and dogs in my etsy shop***

I am so happy to announce I finally completed my works in progress and have them listed in my etsy shop.I had a major delay due to car problems then on top of that tripping on my porch chair leg Wednesday and breaking my pinkie toe!Then to add to me being behind my husband started his vacation last night(Friday) leaving me even less time to get my shop updated~~~~ so I did a midnight update and finally listed all the bears,kitties and even dogs that I had been working so hard to finish.I hope you find time to visit them in my etsy shop.All are available except the mini pink tabby that was a special order.Have a wonderful weekend!~~~~sharie****Quick update****I was so happy and a bit supprised early this morning when I checked my etsy shop and found all the bears&friends were all adopted overnight except little Peppie the panda clown!Thanks to all that adopted their new little friends!~~~~Hugs....Sharie

Thursday, August 12, 2010

~~Slight delay for new bears on etsy~~

I was hoping to have my etsy shop update soon,but ran into some problems one being my van that is on the blink for the second time in two weeks!It must be the heat because it has been sooo hot here in wisconsin to the point of being unbearable.I had to have my son drive me to the post office today so I could get Cassy kitty sent to her new kitty mom,then a trip to walmart for some groceries.I just hate to be a burden so I am hoping my van will be fixed once and for all by Saturday!Speaking of Cassy kitty,I was so happy to learn she was heading to one of my nicest collectors which is always a wonderful way to end an auction.I do still have my works in progress and wanted to share a little tidbit in the group photo above.One of the little blank forms became the special order pink kitty,and the larger pure white blank form became the gray special order kitty.This is how they look before they are completed,poor things lol.Little kitty and mini teddy are also still in progress along with the two pandas from a previous post and another shot of the sweet prim little blue bear still waiting for his nose and mouth to be finished.I will be back with the finished bears&kitties once they are completed.~~~Hugs.....sharie

Sunday, August 8, 2010

~~Sharing pics of special orders kitty cats~~

Hi everyone,hope you are enjoying your weekend!I managed to get my special kitty orders finished and thought I would share photos of them here on my blog.The grey kitty is 7 in tall,made of mohair with pretty blue glass eyes and a matching bow.He will be traveling to his new home in the UK.The mini pink mohair kitty is for the wonderful Viv who has waited so long for her completion!*SHE IS RESERVED IN MY ETSY SHOP*She measures 5 inches tall and is also created from mohair with blue glass eyes.this is the first mini that I actually got to look the larger 7 inch version in which I am so delighted with the way she turned out.I also wanted to share a quick pic of my baby prim blue mohair bear which also in progress.He has a bit of work to be done,but I really like this new design.I have also included another pic of Cassy undressed,still on ebay auction until Tuesday evening.Thank you for taking a peek at the gang!~~~~HugsxxxSharie

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

~~*Cassy kitty now completed!*~~

I am so happy to announce Cassy kitty is completed and now listed on ebay auction.I ran into many difficulties trying to get her listed earlier today but better late than never!I have lots of pics of cassy on her auction page if you would like to visit her.Just follow the ebay link on the right.Thank you for all the nice compliments I have recieved on Cassy,I appreciate it very much!~~~~Sharie~~~QUICK UPDATE*****There will be a slight delay for the special order kittys and my etsy shop update!Custom kittys should be ready by Sunday,and etsy update Monday*****~~~thank you!~~~~sharie

Monday, August 2, 2010

***Pics of new bears&kitties in progress***

Hi everyone!Here are the pics of the bears and kitty cats I have in the making.It is going to be a busy week trying to get the gang finished for their debuts on ebay and in my etsy shop(this week!).The first pic is the kitty in the vintage baby gown and bonnet(from a previous post below)as shown with her new tabby stripes and painted paw pads.She still requires several coats of gloss applied to her pawpads before she is completed.I am trying to get her ready for her ebay auction starting tommorow,Tues.The next pic are my new minis,each measuring 5 inches tall.The kitty has a new facial design with added felt to her muzzle.The little blanks(unfinished)also 5 inches will become a bear and a special order pink kitty for Viv(yes,finally lol).The 2 larger white blanks will become a special order grey kitty and a sweet blushed bear.Next is also a new design that I had mentioned in my last post,the 9 and1/2 petite primitive bear.I am really happy with his design and will definitely be making more! I have chosen a light blue color for him and will be aging him for a vintage look.His poor little ears are pinned to his head and need to be sewn on as does his nose before he is completed.Well I think I covered them all and like I said,I will be busy from sun up til sundown getting these guys completed!I hope you like them and I will post their completed photos once they are finished.~~~~Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...