Thursday, October 30, 2008

New ebay store

I have decided to re open my ebay store under the new name of S.ReetzBearsPrimitives&Folk Art and I would love you to stop by and check it out when you get the chance!You can do so by following this link: I will be adding some great primitives and folk art items from my booth that I recently closed(I have a lot of goodies in stock!)in addition to my handcrafted teddy bears&friends.I am still unable to post any pics on my blog but will be sure to add them as soon as the glitch is fixed. Hope you find time to visit!HugsxxxxxSharie***Update***As you can see I finally got my pics to post!Here are the two little kitties and an antique style teddy that was listed on ebay(now adopted)and pickles,the sweet little bear I had in my etsy shop(also adopted)I have more creations near completion,and I am hoping I can put up pics when they are completed.XXXXSharie****UPDATE****My ebay store is no longer open,but I will keep listing bears-n-kitties on ebay auctions....also be sure to check my new adoption center for new arrivals!~~~Thank you!~~~updated on Feb.9th 2009

Friday, October 24, 2008

October updates&new arrivals in my etsy shop

Hi everyone,I hope you are enjoying the fall season as it is always a beautiful time of the year.So far October hasn't been too kind to me.I have had some bad luck that has had me feeling a bit in the dumps.For the first time ever,I had one of my teddy bear shipments go missing.I should have known better but did not add insurance or delivery confirmation as I had sent to this bearmom before.I wasn't even feeling that bad about refunding the amount,it was the waiting to see if maybe he was delivered to the wrong address and might show up,but sadly he didn't.The bear I am talking about is Kody the kodiak bear and I can only hope wherever he ended up he will be treated as something special,and most definitely not given as a plaything to a child.This was a great lesson to be learned and shared,never feel too safe with mailing your prized possesions as they can never be replaced.I am getting over this day by day and have even finished some new creations for my etsy shop.I tried to post pictures of them here on my blog,but for some reason couldn't get them to load.You can have a peek at them by clicking my etsy link.I have 2 kitties and a Japanese inspired teddy bear listed.I have also lowered my prices a bit and now add insurance and delivery confirmation in the US shipping price so that no other teddy or friend will go missing.Biggest hugsxxxxxSharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...