Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

*Pink Candy Kitty Cat and Chuckles Polka Dot Clown now on Ebay Auction*

The holiday update was so much fun and I enjoyed all of the wonderful comments on my new little creations!Most were adopted but I still have four in need of a new home by the holidays so I decided to put Candy kitty,my large 9 inch kitty and Chuckles the shabby polka dot clown on ebay for a 3 day auction.Candy and Chuckles were the special orders I had created and were not able to be adopted for reasons unknown.Tiny candycane kitty and snowman panda bear are still available in my etsy shop and are also looking for a new home.xxxxxSharie

Friday, December 9, 2011

*Winter update now in progress*

The big winter update is now in progress!It took a bit longer than planned due to computer glitches and posting about 60 photos but I'm happy to say all kitty cats and panda bears are all available for adoption.The big realistic kitty in the blue winter coat and bonnet along with the mini kitty and panda snowman(last 3 pics) are listed on ebay for a five day auction.All the rest of the gang is in my etsy shop listed with the pastel clown and the big pink kitty(older post below)which were special orders that the bearmom couldn't commit to.I hope you will enjoy them all!~~~~Sharie

*Sneak peek*~*big Holiday update just hours away*

I will be having my BIG holiday update today~in just a few hours*~*There will be eleven new creations available for adoption with seven being sweet kitty cats,all with a winter or holiday theme!I posted a preview pic of my tiny 3.5 inch candy cane kitty (and another four in my banner above) and will be back shortly with all the new bears and kitties photos for the update~xxxxxSharie

Thursday, November 17, 2011

~Sharing Pics~Custom orders completed~

I'm so happy to announce I finished my three custom orders and thought I'd take a moment to share some pics of them with you.
The pink kitty on the left is much larger than my regular size measuring in at about 9 inches tall.The realistic kitty in the middle measures a tad under 13inches tall and is a very close match to Cassy kitty(her pic a few posts below)even though they are not an exact match.I could never make two exactly alike so thats what makes them special.The last teddy on the right was crafted after one of my sweet blush bears and looks nothing like the original as her mohair is denser and didn't curl as much as the original.The outfit was a special request and I just love the colors her new mommy chose as I don't know if I would have ever picked yellow as a theme.I hope you enjoyed having a peek at the special requests and I hope their new mommy will be pleased with them.If you would like to see even more pics please visit my other blog here

Thursday, November 10, 2011

~update on Misty after surgery and custom orders~

As promised I wanted to pop in for an update on Misty.Her surgery went smoothly and she took it like a trooper!I do feel sorry for her as the vet found she had a yeast infection in her ears and the medicine I have to apply makes her head greasy(from her trying to wash it out)not to mention she is not thrilled went I have to apply it lol.She was very drowsey yesterday went she got home but just as I thought she still tried jumping onto things so she had to stay put in the bedroom for the night to keep her from tearing any stitches.She still insists on getting on my lap when I'm on the computer so I let her,but very carefully.I have to say this has been such a busy week I have fallen a bit behind on my custom orders.Not only did I have Misty's surgery apt. this week I have also had problems with Time Warner.....again,the phone and internet were on the blink.I had to have a service tech come on Monday only to not find any problems,then on Tuesday same thing with cable going crazy so yet another appointment today.To make the story short the tech canceled the apt today because he found it was an area problem and not any modems or outside cable lines at out home eek!The good news everything is working allright for now,so thats a good thing.I thought I would also share the other two orders I'm working on.One is a pink kitty from 2008 and I had a heck of a time even finding her pattern lol.I'm also finding the kitty in progress looks quite a bit different,more like a whimsical fantasy kitty but she is cute and I think her new mommy will be happy with her.Then there is my sweet blush bear,the original shown above
with the custom request of being in a pale yellow clown suit with matching hat and collar with pastel polka dots of pink,mint green and pastel blue.Again,the bear and the outfit are turning out beautifully but the bear looks very different from the original.I know one thing for sure~this will be my last custom order because it really stresses me out to get them just right and done on time!So thats about it for now and I will post the special orders when they are completed*~*xxxSharie

Monday, November 7, 2011

~A wonderful shop on etsy for kitty lovers everywhere~

I just had to share this wonderful etsy shop with all of my blogging friends(and kitty lovers in general!)I had the pleasure of meeting Judy Johnson through a recent pattern purchase and she is just a sweetheart~she kindly offered to post my kitty pattern and link on her blog so I had to return the favor by sharing her awe inspiring kitty creations~like the one above(LOVE*~*)so if you have a moment be sure to have a peek at her blog and etsy shop to see her amazing creations.Speaking of kitties,I am taking my Misty girl in Wednesday to have her spayed.I will be worried about her until I know she makes it through her surgery safely and is back home with me!I'll keep you posted on her results.I am also busy working on a custom order for a realistic kitty like my Cassy kitty(photo above) I created in 2010 along with a big pink kitty and a sweet blush clown teddy.I will share photos of all three once they are completed.I will also be sewing up some new creations for this months etsy update so I have a lot of work to do lol!~xxxxxSharie

Sunday, November 6, 2011

**Little fall panda bear now on ebay**

This is Cody,a sweet little fall panda bear measuring in at just 5 inches tall.I have tinted his mohair with pretty fall colors of red,orange,yellow and brown.He is now available on ebay for a seven day auction if you would like to visit him.Thanks so much*~*xxxxSharie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

~New designs in progress~Little kitty&bear pincushions~

I have been drooling over the wonderful pincushions I came across while browsing etsy and I decided I just had to try to make one,but in my own style and here it is~ my prototype kitty cat pincushion in progress~(as you can see she has no eyes or nose yet!)and I'm pretty happy with the way she is coming along.The finished pincushions will have another bottom piece attatched

~like the top~and will be made from beautiful colored wool felt that is also available on etsy.I plan on kitty,bears,elly and other friends dressed as clowns,for the holidays and other fun themes.You will also notice the tiny kitty in my hand above~I finally found a way to make a 3and 1/2 size which I am totally delighted with!I think this little size would be wonderful for Blythe doll friends.I'll be sure to post more pics in progress*~*xxxxSharie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New bears and kitty cats now in my etsy shop update

I finally added the finishing touches and got the gang listed for their etsy shop update.I am a bit behind schedual due to dark gloomy weather today with no sunshine.I hope you get the chance to visit the bears and kitties as there are alot of fun pics in their listings.~~~~Sharie

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Preview for tommorows(Wed)etsy shop update

Here are the special pieces I have been working on that I mentioned in my older post.
I was hoping to have the gang finished and listed in my shop today,but had to put it on hold until tommorow due to some computer glitches.Shown in the pics are Tiger and Boris the Halloween/fall clowns,little Autumn panda bear on the left,lonely little black bear(I haven't named him yet*~*)and sweet little Misty ragdoll kitten.(I decided to name her after my kitty Misty)she and the little panda are a wee 5 inches tall.

I will post more pics when they are available in my shop.xxxx~~~~Sharie

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My new kitten ~Misty ~

I've been promising to share some pics of my newest kitty~Misty girl~and here she is!The photos make her seem to be huge,but she is still small,petite and cuddly.
She has the sweetest personality and claims me as her mommy because I rescued her from being dropped off and living under my porch.
She follows me where ever I go and this little one is so smart she even fetches a ball!She gets along well with all of my other kitties~thank goodness~and is a pleasure to have around.Little miss will be heading to the vet next week to be spayed and I'm hoping everything turns out well for her.I have also been working on some special pieces for the fall/Halloween season and I'm just thrilled at the way they are coming along.Its a comical pair~Boris and Tiger~a whimsical pair of clowns,Boris the orange and brown panda and Tiger the orange and brown tabby cat clown.They are the older designs with the larger heads and tinted to a wonderful shade of orange somewhat like the color of a dreamscicle.They have black pom poms running down the tummy and wear vintage themed hang tags around their neck adorned with a chocolate colored satin bow.The best part is they really do look like antique toys!Also in progress in a petite little 5 inch white kitty that may be tinted like my Misty kitty above or a ragdoll~not sure just yet!Also in the making is an autumn tinted lil 5 inch panda bear and a lonely little black bear bear.I'm hoping to get them all finished soon and be back with all the new pics of them.~~~Sharie

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~Little Jacob teddy pattern now available~

I finally found some time to get little Jacobs E-Pattern completed and listed.He is a wee little fellow measuring a tad under 5 inches tall.Now all the minis are completed and listed in my Big Cartel pattern shop. I want to thank everyone who has purchased my patterns~I hope you enjoy creating them and I would LOVE to see some finished pics of them when they're completed!xxxxxSharie

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Patterns now available in my new pattern shop!

I'm so happy to announce I have finally completed some of my patterns along with my color wash guide in my brand new pattern shop on Big Cartel~I hope you can visit soon~

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...