Friday, December 31, 2010

~~~Happy New Year!~~~A busy schedual for 2011!

I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and a very happy holiday!I also want to wish everyone a safe and happy new year!Also a big thank you to those who sent me such lovey e-cards and well wishes~~~~it was so nice of you!I'm sorry that I haven't been in to post much lately,but it has been hectic on my end since thanksgiving.2011 will be off to a busy start for me,time to catch up on all of my back orders that I couldn't get completed,a few bears to be finished by mid January to send to Felicia for her upcoming show(yikes thats soon!)and plan on what creations I will be making for the teddies worldwide blooming bear show in March.I can't wait to attend this online show as I missed out on the first one,not having any pieces ready at that time :(.I was also hoping to finally get a chance to work on my pattern line but I will have to be put that idea on the back burner again until I can find time to concentrate on making patterns only.I'll be sure to post as soon as I get some new creations started and have a fun and safe evening!~~~~HugsxxxxxxSharie

Sunday, December 12, 2010

*New teddies completed*now in my etsy shop*

I am so happy to announce the new teddy bears are now completed and listed in my etsy shop.I just love the way they turned out,so old and sweet dressed in their vintage dolly dresses.They are all in my etsy shop if you would like to see more pics of them.Hugsxxxx ~~~~sharie******All of the teddies have been adopted~~~~thank you so much!I still have 2 mini vintage mohair bears in my shop that I reduced their price in hopes of finding them a new home*******

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow storm and new bears coming soon!

It's been a wet and dreary day here in Wisconsin with uncertain weather predictions since last night.It has been raining cats and dogs with a cold front nearing that will switch the rain over to heavey snow and maybe near blizzard conditions.....then ice cold winds with wind chills of -30 below......I hate winter lol!In the meantime I have been working on my bears for my last etsy shop update for 2010.There will be four bears,all 8 inches tall and made from mohair wearing vintage style dolly dresses.I hope to have them completed and listed in my shop tommorow,Sunday.I will post their pics once they are listed.Be back soon!~~~~~Sharie

Saturday, December 4, 2010

**update&more pics of little vintage bears on etsy**

After a long day of picture taking and listing all the new teddies in my etsy shop yesterday,I didn't get a chance to post seperate pictures of the minis(needed to rest desperately lol)so I thought I would post some individual pics of the remaining bears in my etsy shop.First to last is Trevor,a very sweet gray bear,then Monty,a blue toned arctic bear,next is Hershey(in my hand)a sweet dk. brown bear,then we have Woodsy a sweet chestnut toned grizzly,and last pic is Rocky another dk. brown bear.The rest of the gang has been adopted but these little guys are still available in my etsy shop.Thanks for visiting !~~~~Sharie

Friday, December 3, 2010

***mini bears completed***now in my etsy shop update***

I am so happy to announce the gang is finished and now listed in my etsy shop.All of these wee one are 5.5 inches tall and created from vintage mohair and vintage wool.Each represent real styles of bears from the grizzly,kodiak,brown,and polar bear.The whimsical blue styles meant to be chilly arctic bears.Each bear wears a wool scarf around their neck to keep them warm during the winter months.I hope you like them and will find time to visit them in my etsy shop.~~~~~Sharie

Thursday, December 2, 2010

****sneak peek****basket of bears in the making!****

I thought I would take a quick break from working on the bears to share some pics of their progress.All of these wee one are 5.5 inches tall and created from vintage mohair and vintage wool.Each will represent real styles of bears from the grizzly,kodiak,brown,and polar bear.The whimsical blue styles popped up from my imagination and are meant to be chilly arctic bears.I will be adding their finishing touches and hope to have them listed in my etsy shop tommorow,Friday the 3rd.I also wanted to share a pic of my special order circus dog and his little buddy pugsbie.The original request was for a pug,poodle,or spanial style dog but I thought I would throw in a special supprise of the little pug who sits in his very own circus ball pouch!I hope their new mommy will like them.I will be back with the finished pics of the gang once they are completed.~~~~~Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...