Thursday, December 2, 2010

****sneak peek****basket of bears in the making!****

I thought I would take a quick break from working on the bears to share some pics of their progress.All of these wee one are 5.5 inches tall and created from vintage mohair and vintage wool.Each will represent real styles of bears from the grizzly,kodiak,brown,and polar bear.The whimsical blue styles popped up from my imagination and are meant to be chilly arctic bears.I will be adding their finishing touches and hope to have them listed in my etsy shop tommorow,Friday the 3rd.I also wanted to share a pic of my special order circus dog and his little buddy pugsbie.The original request was for a pug,poodle,or spanial style dog but I thought I would throw in a special supprise of the little pug who sits in his very own circus ball pouch!I hope their new mommy will like them.I will be back with the finished pics of the gang once they are completed.~~~~~Sharie


  1. Sharie, I love the new header photo, and what fun to see all the bears in the basket as you're creating them. Love the circus dog with his surprise pug friend--their new mom is sure to love them!


  2. that's a fantastic basket of bears! pretty! love the doggies too. have fun.


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