Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My sister blog up and running!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well and for anyone living in cold wintery climates(like me!) I'm sure you are trying to keep warm during these cold,snowy days.For those living in the warm,sunny areas...I envy you soooo much,wish it were me! Well I have a quick little update to my blogging situation here on blogger.As you might have read in some of my older posts I have been encountering one problem after another on this blog trying to upload photos or adding new links.The photo system doesn't load and the page elements are frozen.So,I have decidided to add my sister blog(actually my very 1st blog) link to keep you updated on photos and works in progress.I have also added links to my website,ebay and etsy store for quick viewing.I am also pondering the idea of offering some of my bears and friends directly on my sister blog starting next year.I hope you can find the time to visit me on my other blog Thank you!~~~sharie

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweet little Chilly mohair panda bear by S.Reetz

***Little Chilly has been adopted***

New Bears and Kitty cats on ebay

Hi everyone,hope you all are doing well !I can hardly believe it is almost Christmas time!My heavens where does the time go? It seems like it was just Thanksgiving.Well,as you can see I have been busy as a bee finishing up what will most likely be the last teddy&friends offerings for 2008.I will be listing them on ebay and in my etsy shop shortly.I hope you will find the time to visit them!They are all pictured below,a chilly winter panda bear,a sweet old polar bear,two old fashioned sweet faced teddy bears,a pink circus kitty and an old victorian style12 inch kitty with a well hugged look.Well thank you so much for visiting and thank you for bidding,watching or adopting my bears,kitties and friends I truely appreciate it more than you could ever know!~~~~HugsxxxSharie***Quick update***I have decided to remove the teddies from my etsy shop and list them on ebay.Scotty&Bobby the little old fashioned teddy bears are now available in my ebay store at buy it now options and Snowball,the old fashioned polar bear teddy is on ebay auction for 5 days.~~~Thank you!~~~

Antique style mohair teddy bear by S.Reetz

***Little Scotty teddy will be going into hibernation for a short while and may emerge as a panda bear when he awakes!~~~Thank you!~~~Sharie

Antique style white mohair polar bear by S.Reetz

***Snowball has been adopted***

Antique Style pink mohair clown kitty cat by S.Reetz

***Princess has been adopted***

Antique style mohair teddy bear by s.Reetz

***Bobby has been adopted***

Antique style kitty cat by S.Reetz

****Samantha has been adopted****

Monday, November 17, 2008

November updates

Hi everyone,hope you are all well and not getting too chilly with winter approaching quickly!Anyway,I wanted to share my special orders with you.I think they turned out pretty sweet and I'm hoping they will be loved by their new mommies!The pink kitty put me a bit behind schedual as I ran into several problems with her.I grabbed the wrong size pattern for her,she was supposed to be 6 and a half inches tall and dumb dumb me used the 8inch pattern by mistake so I found I needed to set in larger eyes and find a way to make this shorter mohair still appear fluffy.In the end I was happy with her results even though she looks a bit different than her sister Rosey.You may have noticed I have been adding my flickr photos to my blog as I still can't get any pictures to load!It must be my firewall and I need to have it fixed~~~Soon!Well thank you for taking the time to visit my blog,I'll try to keep updates on new creations.~~~Sharie

Antique Style Pink Circus Kitty Cat*by S.Reetz*adopted*

Sweet little mohair panda bear by S.Reetz*Adopted*

Vintage style pink mohair circus kitty&sweet little panda bear by S.Reetz*Adopted*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

***New Panda Bears&Kitty on ebay***

I am happy to announce I have new creations available on ebay auctions!(I just can't post their new photos here on my blog!)This weeks offerings is a little tattered brown panda bear and two new designs....a kitty cat and a panda bear circus style make dos!They are different from my regular designs but really sweet,they look like old antique toys!I hope you have the chance to take a peek at their auctions~~~~Biggest teddy hugsxxxxx~~~~~Sharie

Sunday, November 9, 2008

*New Primitive Goodies in my ebay Store*

Here are just a few of my primitive&folk art items availalable in my ebay store.I am still busy finishing my last 2 special orders and working on new bears and kitties to list early next week on ebay.I will have a larger size 12inch kitty ,my new kitty&teddy sitters and make dos and maybe even a little teddy if I can finish him up in time.As always I will add new photos once they are completed(as long as my blog will let me....grin...)Biggest hugs!xxxxxSharie

Friday, November 7, 2008

November updates

Well I can't believe it is already November,my goodness it seems like it was just spring and now its nearing winter. I just wanted to update a few things that had been going on with my stores and my bears.Great news!the teddy that went missing...Kody..(in the photo)....was finally found in the post office!the poor thing had been lost in there for almost an entire month.I was so relieved to hear the good news.I also want to mention that I will be adding more bears and friends to my ebay store along with more items from my craft booth such as little handpainted pillows that would look great in the arms of a teddy,primitive country candles and other goodies! I am also excited to announce that I have new designs in the making that will also be added to my stores.I will be offering teddy and kitty make dos along with little kitty&teddy sitters(they are designed like the vintage half dolls ,being the top bust with laces and trims around the neck) These will also be available in the vintage circus themes along with the antique style.They are sooo sweet and I can't wait to share the photos of them with you when they are finished.Have a wonderful weekend and I will update soon~~~~xxxxSharie~~~~~

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New ebay store

I have decided to re open my ebay store under the new name of S.ReetzBearsPrimitives&Folk Art and I would love you to stop by and check it out when you get the chance!You can do so by following this link: I will be adding some great primitives and folk art items from my booth that I recently closed(I have a lot of goodies in stock!)in addition to my handcrafted teddy bears&friends.I am still unable to post any pics on my blog but will be sure to add them as soon as the glitch is fixed. Hope you find time to visit!HugsxxxxxSharie***Update***As you can see I finally got my pics to post!Here are the two little kitties and an antique style teddy that was listed on ebay(now adopted)and pickles,the sweet little bear I had in my etsy shop(also adopted)I have more creations near completion,and I am hoping I can put up pics when they are completed.XXXXSharie****UPDATE****My ebay store is no longer open,but I will keep listing bears-n-kitties on ebay auctions....also be sure to check my new adoption center for new arrivals!~~~Thank you!~~~updated on Feb.9th 2009

Friday, October 24, 2008

October updates&new arrivals in my etsy shop

Hi everyone,I hope you are enjoying the fall season as it is always a beautiful time of the year.So far October hasn't been too kind to me.I have had some bad luck that has had me feeling a bit in the dumps.For the first time ever,I had one of my teddy bear shipments go missing.I should have known better but did not add insurance or delivery confirmation as I had sent to this bearmom before.I wasn't even feeling that bad about refunding the amount,it was the waiting to see if maybe he was delivered to the wrong address and might show up,but sadly he didn't.The bear I am talking about is Kody the kodiak bear and I can only hope wherever he ended up he will be treated as something special,and most definitely not given as a plaything to a child.This was a great lesson to be learned and shared,never feel too safe with mailing your prized possesions as they can never be replaced.I am getting over this day by day and have even finished some new creations for my etsy shop.I tried to post pictures of them here on my blog,but for some reason couldn't get them to load.You can have a peek at them by clicking my etsy link.I have 2 kitties and a Japanese inspired teddy bear listed.I have also lowered my prices a bit and now add insurance and delivery confirmation in the US shipping price so that no other teddy or friend will go missing.Biggest hugsxxxxxSharie

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

**New arrivals in my etsy shop!**

I am happy to announce my newest creations are now available for immediate adoption in my etsy shop.Just listed is Boots,a sweet 11and1/2 inch siamese kitty cat,Kody,a 13 and1/2 inch antique style kodiak bear with a touch of realistic features,Morgan,a sweet 12inch antique style teddy bear and Wendal a sweet 10inch antique style teddy.You can visit them by following the link to my etsy shop on the left.xxxxxxSharie~~~~** All have been adopted**~~~~~

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New bears &kitties now on ebay&etsy

*****All have been adopted*****
Well I finally finished my bears&kitties in progress and am happy to announce they are now listed for adoption.As you can see from the before pictures I made a few changes and even designed 2 new designs, a primitive style panda and a sweet faced antique style teddy,each measuring a full 12 inches tall.I am really pleased with the results and hope to make more soon!I also designed an 11inch antique style bear with features of the chilterton style,and a sweet 10inch old traditional style teddy which I hope to list next week.September is such a busy month for me as I have to finish my bear and kitty I am donating for the Ronald mcdonald house charity auction and have 2 special orders becoming due soon!Lots too do and never enough time..giggle...As always I will post any new creations once they are completed.Biggest hugsxxxSharie

Pixie kitty,Jangles panda and old teddy Jake are now on ebay(Jake has been adopted)pink circus kitty Lizzie and Jacky halloween panda are now listed in my etsy shop (pink Lizzie clown kitty has been adopted)(Jacky halloween panda has been adopted)(prim Jangles panda has been adopted)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More kitties&bears in the making

I thought I would share the photos of my other can'dee kins and kitty that are currently in the works!As you can see,they are not completely finished but I am taking every chance I get to do more work on them.I am very happy with their progress and love the way they are turning out!I added a close up of the tabby kitty so you could view him up close!I will post their pictures again when they are completed.xxxxHugsxxxxSharie

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New designs now on ebay!

Hi everyone!I am so happy to share my newest design that I call my "can'dee kins"bears&friends.This design features my teddies and kitties in their very own decorated container to match their theme.I am so happy with the way they turned out,just like antique style toys.They are now available on my ebay auctions if you would like to learn more about them and take a peek at their photos.Biggest hugs!Sharie ***It has been brought to my attention that the links for my ebay auctions were not working properly!I have fixed the problem and the links should be working fine now!xxxxSharie ~~~ Rosie&Violet circus kitty cat clowns and Brandon Halloween panda clown can'dee kins have all been adopted~~~Look for more soon!~~~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July updates

Hi everyone! It's been so long since my last post,I thought I'd give a quick update as to what has been going on in July.I have been busy doing work to my home such as small repairs and painting, filling in for my husband who is still mending from his surgery but is doing great! I also had the chance to do a great deal of sewing my little bears&friends.I have 7 that are stuffed and waiting for their little faces and accents to be completed.Also near completion are 3 kitties and one little panda bear that will be listed in my etsy shop for pinky week.The next bit of news is that I was lucky to be the winner of 2 ebay auctions for mohair lots(I never usually win,always being outbid at the last minute).I was ecstatic to say the least and was even more pleased when the mohair arrived,it was just beautiful! I felt like I won the will post the pics for pinky week when they are completed and update on more teddies&friends once they become available.~~~Hugs~~~Sharie

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New bears&kitties now finished and ready for adoption!New photos

Well here's the gang,finally finished and waiting to find a new home!(minus pinky kitty&her twin which were special orders)Sweet Abby kitty,Poppy the big blue eyed panda and little Riley panda are now on my ebay auctions.You can take a peek at them by following the link on the left of the page!Thank you....Sharie

Sunday, June 15, 2008

*New Bear & Kitties Works In Progress Preview*

Here is a peek at the new bears & kitties that I have been hard at work trying to complete for my etsy shop and ebay.The weather has been so much better so I have been busy as a bee working on them.The two pink mohair kitties are special orders and I hope their new mommies will like them when they are completed.I also have a very sweet faced cream&yellow mohair kitty,a small curly mohair panda bear and last but not least my newest design,the one piece teddy with ears created into his head design.I think this design is great with that old hug me look.I haven't decided if his eyes will be blue as shown in his photo or brown with additional shading around them.I hope to have this crew ready by Wednesday and will post their photos once they are completed. Thanks for visiting!~~~Sharie

Monday, June 9, 2008

***New bears&kitties coming soon***

Hi everyone!It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post so I thought I should update my blog.I have many bears and kitties in the making....2 special order pink mohair kitties,1 striped tabby mohair kitty,some wee sized bears including some pinkies and a brand new design that I am so happy with!It is a one piece design teddy with the ears incorparated into the head....making a so sweet hug me look!I plan on listing my new teds n kitties in my etsy shop when they are completed.As always,I will update their pics on my blog.I found myself quite busy again(as a simple task of some spring cleaning that ended up into a full re-arranging and organizing my whole home and my teddy work area.What a job!Then came the new area rug,lamps,curtains and so on.Just when everything was neat and tidy,the rain came for days turning our small creek into a river!I had to stay alert until late last night and by a small miracle the water went down enough so I could finally get some rest.I live in Wisconsin and the southeast area was declared a diasaster area.It was so bad that in Wisconsin Dells,a major tourist area Lake Delton burst and washed into the Wisconsin river after taking many homes with it.I feel so sorry for the residents there and find it unbelievable the lake that was so famous is now an empty mudhole. This was where our family vacationed every year for the last 12 years.I also feel bad for the many families all through Wisconsin and the midwest that are flooded out of their homes due to the heavey rain.Well I will sign off for now and post updates on my newest creations***xxxxxx***Sharie

Friday, May 16, 2008

Willow & tiny*both have been adopted*

**** Tiny 71/2 orange mohair tabby ***** Willow 9 inch grey/black/cream tabby kitty*****
***** Tiny has been adopted***** Willow has been adopted*****

Kitty Cats now available in my etsy shop

Hi everyone,Well as they say better late than never as this applies to the kitties I said would be available sometime this week.It's already Friday,but still this near the end of it.I am happy to announce Willow&Tiny are available in my etsy shop!You can follow the link on the leftside of the page to take a peek if you would like...thanks again...sharie

Friday, May 9, 2008

New kitty cats and antique style panda bear now available

*Tatters the panda bear has been adopted*


I have 2 new wee-kin kitty cats available on ebay,and a very sweet antique style panda bear available in my etsy shop.I will also have 2 new mohair kitties ready for etsy sometime next week.As always I will keep you posted!Thank you...Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...