Monday, December 31, 2012

~~Happy New Year Sale On Ebay!~~

With the New Year almost here I decided to clear out my etsy shop to make way for new designs so I listed the orphans from my last update on ebay~~~~most starting at $9.99 with no reserve!If you would like to visit their auctions just click on this link*~*xxxxxSharie

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thinking small for the New Year

With the new year almost here I have new plans for my designs.I miss making little bears and friends so this will be on my list for the new year.I also plan to take things a bit slower,no more big updates of 12 or plus listings......its getting a bit too stressfull and less stress is a good thing.My goal is to offer new creations every week or two with the occasional update of 6 at one time.I also plan to work on new patterns for my etsy shop and hopefully they will be available by February.I plan on listing jointed mohair and felt teddy bear patterns and maybe some supplies like hand dyed felt and mohair along with some kits that I have had many requests for.First I need to get my printer in order before I begin,it got bumped off the stand and caused to ink to mix so all I get when I print is a horrible yellow picture of the image!I think a new pack of ink will fix the problem.....fingers crossed.So thats about it for now and I'll be sure to post the new minis once they are completed.Have a wonderful New Year!xxxxxxSharie

Monday, December 24, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

~Tatty mohair teddy bear now on ebay auction~

Now on ebay auction

Available in my etsy shop

Available in my etsy shop

Available in my etsy shop
tatty mohair teddy is now listed on ebay auction   and the three folksy kitties,snowman panda and snowman kitty are in my etsy shop just click on the links if you would like to have a peek at their listings*~*

Friday, December 7, 2012

~~Holiday Update Now In My Etsy Shop~~

~~Adopted~Thank you!~~

~~Adopted~Thank you!~~

~~Adopted~Thank you!~~

~~Adopted~Thank you!~~

~~~I'm happy to announce the holiday update is now available in my etsy shop~~~I listed 15 total which was a bit more work than I had counted on lol.Please click the link to my shop if you would like to see all of the new creations*~*

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost ready for holiday update

I thought I would take a quick break and pop in to share some photos of my new works in progress~~all needing some finishing touches for their holiday update schedualed in my etsy shop tommorow or Friday.Some are completely new designs like the starry night panda and in the meadow kitty.They are folk art themed with hand painted scenes on their bodies and I really like the way they turned out so far.I will also have two hand painted kitty ornaments~~the little candy cane kitty and tiny kitty with the tree and snowflakes on the tummy.Both created from cotton flannel.Also in the group are the snowman kitty and panda plus the candycane style panda bear clown~all created from felt 5 inches tall.Above is the winter hat scarf kitty and a new style snowman kitty,both made from felt.Some of the folkart kitties listed below in my older posts will also be available in the update.Lots to do so I'm back off to work but will be sure to post all of the gang once they are completed!~~~~Sharie

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little bears and elly still looking for a home

Sweet little bears and a cuddly elly are still looking for a home in my etsy shop~~~  I have been working on many more for my big holiday update coming soon!I have brand new designs that I can't wait to share and look for some more snowman pandas, kitties and another sweet candycane clown teddy (like shown in my banner above) but will be made from felt for this update.This will be my largest update yet with about 14 total.I will be back as soon as they are completed*~*xxxxxxSharie

Monday, November 26, 2012

~~Winter Bears and Friends Now on Etsy and ebay auctions~more coming soon*~*

Winter Bears  update in my etsy shop

More works in progress

Its been so long since I have had the chance to post here on my blog and I feel a bit guilty about that~As you can see I have been busier that Santa's helpers creating new designs.I am happy to announce I finally have new winter bears and friends available in my etsy shop   Big clown teddy,little gray raggedy bear and mini tan mohair ted are on ebay auction~you can visit their auctions by clicking the link below:  I will be listing the art doll styles by the end of this week.I wanted a simple design for the art dolls but of course with me that never happens lol.I think I became too involved and that set me behind schedual by at least a month.I will say that my favorite new design is the painted art doll kitties~pics at the last photo~sweet and whimsical which is what I was striving for.I hope you like them and I will be back with more updates when they are completed.xxxxSharie

Monday, October 22, 2012

New kitty cats and elly on ebay

Snicker style special order kitty 1 ADOPTED

snicker style kitty order 2 ADOPTED
Hi everyone~I finally have some new kitty and elly designs available on ebay auction
  It has been a difficult road getting the gang ready for their update.My sister has been in the hospital with a ruptured appendix that left her very ill.She has had two surgeries since last Saturday but will be going home tommorow~thank goodness!Along with my update I had 2 special order kitties like Snickers to complete and as you can see they do not look alike in any way~they never do as I can not make two of the same even when I try*~*I do have many more creations I couldn't get completed but I will post some pics as soon as they are in progress.....hugsxxxxxxSharie

Friday, September 28, 2012

New works in progress~Folk Art coming soon~

Original folk art kitty doll
Its been a busy week working on new designs and some revamped old designs for my next update.Above is a very antique looking kitty,snow white for now without any shading or tabby stripes.She is a new design with a seperate head attatched to the body.Next is my antique style bear,like Maxwell but with a plumper three piece design body.I wanted this new body for him as I tend to make the bodies a tad too thin,then find I have problems with the bear being able to sit once the legs are attatched.This plump fellow will have no problems sitting on his own*~*And the last pic is one of my art doll kitties from a couple of years ago.I am also revamping this design,leaving out the hand painting and focusing on using printed fabrics in all different color themes for spring~fall~Halloween~Christmas and clown styles.There will be kitties,pandas,old time bears and other teddy friend styles.These will be available on a weekly basis in my etsy shop.I have some in progress and will post some pics as soon as I find time.You may have noticed I closed my Big Cartel shop for now.I just find it too hard to have an etsy shop,ebay auctions and a seperate web shop.If I had a clone I migh have been able to pull it off lol.So thats it for now but I will post new works soon.~~~~Sharie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

More pics of bears~now on ebay~


Sweet Pea~ADOPTED~

Oreo kitty~ADOPTED~

Snickers kitty ~ADOPTED~

Well my update went pretty well~not as smooth as I had planned due to glitches and then no internet connection but I guess it could be worse.All of the kitties have been adopted but three bears are still waiting for a new home*~*Please visit my ebay auctions  if you would like to see more photos and descriptions.New kitties will be in the making soon(one is now in progress*~* pics coming soon)~~~Sharie

Sneak peek~bears and kitties update later today in my HW shop~

I thought I would pop in to give a sneek peek of my new bears and kitties that will be available in my etsy Hugs and Whimsey shop later this afternoon.Each creation has been fully redesigned with new head and body styles.I'm really happy with the way they turned out and once everyone has their ribbons~bows and accessories added they will be off to the shop for their update*~*  You can visit the shop here I will post more pics of the gang when they are completed!~~~~Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...