Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Big fall update on ebay and in my etsy shop!

I am sooo happy to announce I have brand new bear,kitty and bunny creations now available in my big fall update*~*I have finished the pity kitty and the big eye pug dog along with a beautiful bunny,a ghostly art doll kitty clown ghost,a siamese big eye kitty,Halloween pandas and a brindle style teddy bear.I have also been busy working on dolls and they are coming along nicely,but as you can see.....not finished yet.I have the gang listed both on ebay and on etsy so be sure to visit both sites to see all of the creations.You can find the ebay&etsy links on the right side of my blog.I hope you enjoy themxxxxxxxSharie~~~update~~the 2 Halloween panda bears and the bunny have been adopted....thank you!

New bears and friends available plus mailing list nightmare

New antique style bears,kitty cats,bunnies and a sweet little dog are all available for adoption:) I have list...