Sunday, January 27, 2013

New designs for 2013 now in progress

Hi everyone~its been so long since I posted anything new on my blog but as you can see I have been busy working on brand new designs for 2013.All of my new works are fully jointed and have been redesigned from head to toe!I am very happy with the way they are turning out and am so proud of my new antique style mini bears measuring a wee 4.5 inches tall~very small for me*~*some of the faces may look familar and they are......these used to be my one piece designs now transformed into a fully jointed body design.Some of these little guys still need their noses embroidered and ears sewn in place but are almost completed.The kitty and blue bear will be making their way to ebay auction early next week and more will be added weekly when they are completed.I will be  sure to post again when they are listed.Have a great week*~*xxxxxSharie

New bears and friends available plus mailing list nightmare

New antique style bears,kitty cats,bunnies and a sweet little dog are all available for adoption:) I have list...