Thursday, August 14, 2008

More kitties&bears in the making

I thought I would share the photos of my other can'dee kins and kitty that are currently in the works!As you can see,they are not completely finished but I am taking every chance I get to do more work on them.I am very happy with their progress and love the way they are turning out!I added a close up of the tabby kitty so you could view him up close!I will post their pictures again when they are completed.xxxxHugsxxxxSharie

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New designs now on ebay!

Hi everyone!I am so happy to share my newest design that I call my "can'dee kins"bears&friends.This design features my teddies and kitties in their very own decorated container to match their theme.I am so happy with the way they turned out,just like antique style toys.They are now available on my ebay auctions if you would like to learn more about them and take a peek at their photos.Biggest hugs!Sharie ***It has been brought to my attention that the links for my ebay auctions were not working properly!I have fixed the problem and the links should be working fine now!xxxxSharie ~~~ Rosie&Violet circus kitty cat clowns and Brandon Halloween panda clown can'dee kins have all been adopted~~~Look for more soon!~~~

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...