Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May updates(where did this month go?!!)

Hi everyone,my goodness it seems like I was just updating my blog about Tippy kitty and here it is almost two weeks later!I just cannot believe how fast this month is going.I just hope the months don't go too fast because I am not looking foward to another long cold winter.Speaking of tippy,her auction went smooth after she was re-listed and she is on her way to her new home in Japan!I want to also thank everyone for the support you gave me,it really meant alot to me.I also have to admit after being cooped up so long during the cold winter months I couldn't resist being outside doing lawnwork and planting new flowers,not to mention laying a new patio walkway and other heavey duty landscaping additions...hehe.It was very tiring but soooo worth it.Of course I have also been doing some bear and kitty making and hope to have some new creations on the way very soon.I will update new photos as soon as they are completed!~~~~Hugs~~~~sharie

~~~My New Blog Award~~~

I recieved this lovey blog award from the so sweet Vicki of ~~~thank you Vicki!~~~I am to choose my favorite 10 Blogs to share this award, so my picks are as follows: ~~~Ellifolks~~~Burlison Bears~~~Caya's Corner~~~Yesterday's Glitter~~~Louise Peers~~~Duffy antiques~~~Pamela Overmier of Kingfisher farm~~~Waggle Bears~~~My Primitive Sisters~~~Avateddy~~~~You can visit all their blogs by visiting my bloglist on the right side of the screen!~~~Sharie

Friday, May 8, 2009

New creations for ebay!

Hi again!Here are some more pics of kitty(notice the bandaid on my thumb,I had cut it while fixing her nose hehe!) Kitty is now listed on ebay but I am encountering some problems getting the other teds listed as ebay is having issues!I hope you like all the new creations and I thank you for visiting them~~~Sharie ***Skittles the rainbow clown and Victoria in the blue dress w/bonnet have been adopted***thank you **Unfortunately Tippy's auction was ended due to keyword spamming by using "bear friend"in her title.I really do not understand why someone would be so cruelhearted to want to do this,but from now on I will abide by ebays terms.I have relisted her for 3 days at her ending price when her auction was ended.Thank you,Sharie

Tippy kitty cat is completed!

Here is a few quick peeks at Tippy kitty, dressed up like a baby!She even has her own little puppy dog named Spotty.She will be appearing on ebay shortly along with the rainbow clown and the victorian teddy.I will post more pics in a bit!~~~HugsxxxxSharie

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New kitty and bears almost completed

Hi everyone! I can't believe it's been sooo long since my last post.I have to admit I sometimes get consumed while I'm working on a new creation.Minutes turn into hours and hours into days before I realize it!In my last post I was describing the new method for my latest kitty designs.This involves a sculpture of the muzzle~~~nose/mouth which is made from clay and overlaying the fabric(felt or mohair)over the sculpted form,then pressing and molding the fabric to get the exact shape from the sculpture.When the fabric form is dried,it is taken off of the sculpture then seperatly attatched to the head to be blended in for a realistic appearance.This was a technique I learned from my dollmaking years especially for the antique cloth dolls.I did use the felt form in my early bears&friends but never with mohair as I wasn't too sure what the results would be.I can't tell you how happy I was to see that little nose and mouth taking shape so well from the mohair!I have two kitties in progress,one with a plush felt pressed muzzle which is nearly completed and will be appearing on ebay this week,and another kitty with the pressed mohair muzzle that is still in the making.I'll make sure to post a sneak peek of him soon to show the details of his muzzle before I attatched it.I can't wait to share the newest kitty that I will be listing this week.She turned out so realistic I could hardly believe it!She is a gray/charcoal black mohair tabby and she features the plush felt muzzle.If I thought the last kitty was a challenge,this one was 100% more diffuclt to create lol!I almost cut the tip of my thumb off removing her sculpted nose because I wasn't happy with the placement!She is larger than the last kitty Jewel and measures 13inches tall not including her ears&tail.She is also dressed but I will keep that a secret until I post her completed photos!(hint~~~it is not any of the kitty cats outfits above....hehe)Also coming soon is a rainbow colored clown,Skittles and a creamy white bear dressed in a blue victorian style dress/bonnet.Pics coming soon.Thanks for visiting!~~~~Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...