Wednesday, January 18, 2012

~New year~new ideas

Hi everyone~I can't believe its been almost a month since my last post!I usually take the month of January off just for a slight break from bear crafting to organize my patterns and supplies,make a list of mohair,artist pens,material for bows and accessories and any other supplies that may be needed to order.Its also the best month to take off because here in Wisconsin weather can become an issue and getting packages off to the post office can be a nightmare.I have to say I was so supprised by the weather for this month~warmer~no snow~very odd for the first part of the month,then of course reality hit with snow, wind and now very chilly days with a good excuse for hot chocolate*~*This is also the time when I think of new ideas for my bears and friends,and I have some wonderful plans for new styles of kitties and bears,something so unique I haven't really seen it offered before so I'm very excited about it!This new special line of bears and friends will be called scentimental memories(or whimsies not sure just yet!)and what I want to do with this series is that if you can immagine the candy cane kitty and panda I created actually smelling like the scent of their theme~sweet peppermint candy ~or the snowman kitties and pandas smelling like fresh snow for their theme this is what I'm going for!My brain has been almost exploding with ideas and I have ALOT of them that I plan to create~yummy smells of the circus like cotton candy and caramel corn for the circus themes,pretty soft floral scents for the spring line~pumpkin&vanilla for fall~gingerbread&vanilla for the holidays and the list goes on.Not only will these little guys smell heavenly to match their theme they will also feature little custom made hats to match!I can't give all the details of the technique I will use to scent them as this is my unique idea and unfortunately there is always the risk of being copied before I could even complete these little fellows and get them listed.I should have this style available in early spring*~*as for now I still have to finish some old style bears I had in the making during my last update and also have plans for new patterns and maybe offer mohair and supplies in my shops but I'll keep you updated in my next post.So as you can see I have alot of work ahead but I always love it and am happy to do so!Have a wonderful week~~~Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...