Friday, August 21, 2009

~~Back from my 3 day getaway at Wisconsin Dells~~

Hi everyone!I thought I would share some photos of my mini vacation at Wisconsin Dells.Me,my husband,my sister and a close family friend stayed at a wonderful motel called the Indian Trail located a short distance from mainstreet(Broadway)in Wisconsin dells.We did a lot of shopping,way too much eating(I am trying to stick to a diet!)and a lot of sight seeing but the most fun we had was in the indoor pool along with the hot tub and the sauna.I have posted some pics including the main enterance (pool house to left)
the area that we stayed with a short walk to the pool house doors,the pool itself and a photo of the pool house lit up in the evening.It did get a bit chilly and rainy but for the most part we had a very relaxing time.Our trip back home wasn't so pleasant as it poored rain during most of the drive.It's great to be back home and I can get back to working on my bears and friends that I will have finished for next week.I will try to post some works in progress soon!~~~~Sharie

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

***New Ebay Teddy Store now open***

After much debate,I have decided to open my ebay store with new offerings and some of the gang from my etsy shoppe.It's not that I dislike etsy in any way,but artist bears seem to have a long waiting period to be adopted into new homes.Here are two new teddies I have available on ebay,Molly the beautiful pink toned panda on the left is listed in my store and Twinkles,the sweet faced teal blue toned panda(love the way his coloring turned out!)is listed on auction for 5 days ending on Sunday evening.Little Bonbon the 7in creamy pink panda is also on ebay auction.
I hope you like them and get the chance to visit their listings.I also have more bears in progress including the felt kitty and teddy I was describing in an earlier post along with some more felt clowns that will also be completed soon.I will update their pics as soon as they are completed.~~~~Sharie

Monday, August 10, 2009

~~etsy sale,new designs soon~~

I though I would share the latest updates for August.It has been a busy month so far and I will be having a little break next week(yippeee!)as my family will be going to Wisconsin Dells for a 3 day getaway.Shortly after we return,my husband will be having surgery to repair some broken wires in his chest and a surgical hurnia.He returned to work too soon after his heart bypass 3 years ago,and since then he already had one surgery for the hernia(stubborn as a mule!)work is so important to him and he never listens to the doctors advice.Since I will be away next week,I decided to have a sale in my etsy shop in hopes of finding new homes for some of my creations.The felt slimprims were quite welcomed so I may be adding a few more this week.I even found time to finish two more designs that too my supprise turned out perfectly.they are the traditional design with the added center gusset and a fully jointed body.One(my fav!)is a kitty cat that turned out incredibly realistic.I held her little head in my hand and was stunned how she looked like a real kitty looking back at me!The second design was a teddy with a nice long full snout and a sad but sweet expression.I can't wait to share their pics soon.~~~~Sharie

Saturday, August 8, 2009

***New Primkins kitty&panda now in my etsy shop***

My new primkins design is now available in my etsy shop.there is a tabby kitty cat and an old vintage style panda bear both created from mohair and measuring a dainty 9 inches tall.Little BonBon is also available in my shop as her ebay auction ended without her finding a new home.Ginny and blinky(blue and rose colored teddy's in basket pictured below in previous post) were also orphaned,so they are also listed in my etsy shop.~~~sharie

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~~Antique Style Teddy Bears & Friends in my ETSY Shoppe~~~

~~~This is my newest old style felt designs
***SlimPrims***they are made too look like antique felt teddies and friends from long ago.I will be listing them in my ETSY Shop if you would like to visit their listings.I will also be adding two little mohair bears to my shop tommorrow~~~~ ~~sharie ***BonnieBunny and Happy clown panda have been adopted*** thank you

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...