Monday, August 10, 2009

~~etsy sale,new designs soon~~

I though I would share the latest updates for August.It has been a busy month so far and I will be having a little break next week(yippeee!)as my family will be going to Wisconsin Dells for a 3 day getaway.Shortly after we return,my husband will be having surgery to repair some broken wires in his chest and a surgical hurnia.He returned to work too soon after his heart bypass 3 years ago,and since then he already had one surgery for the hernia(stubborn as a mule!)work is so important to him and he never listens to the doctors advice.Since I will be away next week,I decided to have a sale in my etsy shop in hopes of finding new homes for some of my creations.The felt slimprims were quite welcomed so I may be adding a few more this week.I even found time to finish two more designs that too my supprise turned out perfectly.they are the traditional design with the added center gusset and a fully jointed body.One(my fav!)is a kitty cat that turned out incredibly realistic.I held her little head in my hand and was stunned how she looked like a real kitty looking back at me!The second design was a teddy with a nice long full snout and a sad but sweet expression.I can't wait to share their pics soon.~~~~Sharie

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