Monday, January 24, 2011

Very sad news

This is a very difficult post,but I wanted you all to know why I haven't been back with any updates of the bears that were in progress.My brother passed away Saturday evening.My family is planning his services for sometime this week.What makes this so difficult is that we all knew my brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago,and with chemo treatment was told the cancer was in remission.He always went for a re-check to make sure everything was under control,so when he had to be rushed to the hospital and was given a series of tests,we were told he was consumed with tumors and stage 4 cancer throughout his body.Now how on earth can a healthcare proffesional let something like this happen!It is just devasting,not only the grief of losing him but knowing something could have been done sooner to prolong his life.Thank you so much for listening,all of my readers are wonderful and I just wanted you all to know.I will be working on my bears,it helps me with cope with all of the stress.I will be back soon,Sharie.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sharing some pics of my earlier bears

Hi everyone,I hope you are all staying warm with the crazy winter weather that the whole US is having this year.It's so hard to believe it is snowing down south and in other parts that are not custom to having snow.Anyway,I wanted to share some of my early mohair teddies with you.Before I used mohair for my bears fur,I used felt so getting used to the styles and lengths of the mohair was tricky.I still have to have a giggle at Rags,the first teddy in the pic above.I really wonder what in the world I was thinking when I put his eyes in are a tad crooked as you can see.Then below him in the second pic is Baxter which made his debut a year later and looked so much better than poor little Rags.The reason for the odd nametag is the bearmom who was selling them on ebay mixed up their tags.As for my busy schedual that I had mentioned in my last post.......I am behind again.So many things seem to happen in life(as they do for everyone)I am finding it difficult to get back on track.After the holidays I realized I was very low on my mohair and the right size glass eyes,so these had to be ordered.Then I recently had a physical and found my cholesterol to be sky high(too many holiday goodies!)along with many more tests from thyroid to heart palputations.Then my washer nearly caught on fire,the belt burning with a house full of smoke(the smell was putrid like burning tires)so I remembered that crazy commercial with the girls and their washer going crazy who call the dad and he says"did you try to unplug it?"so I did asap lol.The good new is the health tests are done with only a follow up apt. next Tuesday,my new washer was delivered mohair and glass eyes have been delivered and starting tommorow I finally have time to start working on my bears again.I really miss it and will be so happy to get back in the groove again.I will post some pics as soon as I have some works available.~~~~Sharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...