Saturday, April 11, 2009

More pics of Jewel kitty cat~~now on ebay~~~

I just wanted to share a coulple more photos of Jewel with you to show her true coloring.This is more to her actual color as the other pics are portraying her a bit too golden.Hugs!~~~Sharie ***Jewel has now been adopted and will be going to her new home soon!*** Another kitty is in the largest to date at 15inches tall(not including the tail).This will also be a realistic kitty with a very new technique featuring pressed,molded mohair.A technique I will share on my next post.~~~~HugsxxxxSharie

Kitty now finished and available on ebay along with two vintage style clown teddies

I am so happy to announce the once white kitty(before photos below)has now been transformed into a realist tabby kitty cat and is now available on ebay!She took two weeks to complete but I am sooo happy with the final results.I even added little scuplted pink toes to add to her realistic look.I also have 2 vintage style clown bears available on ebay,Blossum a spring clown in a with pretty blue/violet coloring and Mister Hugs,a prim clown bear to cheer you up on not so happy days,also listed on ebay.You can visit the link on the left to veiw all of their actions.Hugs!~~~~Sharie***Blossum blue/violet clown panda has been adopted***Mister Hugs has also been adopted***

Thursday, April 2, 2009

New kitty cat and polar bear teddy in progress

Here are my latest works in progress.Kitty measuring 8 inches tall and the polar bear teddy measuring in at 9 inches tall,both fully jointed.They are both a new design featuring the added addition for their snout/muzzle.I am so proud of the kitty as she is turning out so I said in my last post I expect her to meow at any time!Of course there is more work to do on the pair plus kitty is in need of a tail.I am planning on keeping the little kitty white as she seems so delicate but temptation makes me want to add stripes...hehe.Well thank you for having a peek at the pair and I will post their completed pics when they are completed.*I have also updated my folk art blog with pictures of my paintings and prim muslin panda bear/plaque*Hugs!~~~~Sharie

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beautiful Burlison bears sale!

Just a quick post about these wonderful little Burlison bears sale on ebay!I couldn't believe how low these sweeties were priced and they end in about 7 hours so please do have a peek at them.Here is the link to all the auctions I just wanted to share this with you because Eliza is such a sweet person and wonderful bearmaker,I think her work should be shown in public more to recognize her darling little creations.As for me,I have been busy as always!My birthday was Sunday and I woke up to 8 inches of sloppy heavey snow(thank you spring....ugg!)The good news is most of it has melted away after the cold pouring rain from Tuesday.I have some new works in progress that I can't wait to share with you.I designed new patterns....all fully 5 way jointed with an added technique to the head to give more dimminsion and I am so pleased with the way they turned out.One is a pure white kitty cat with crystal blue eyes and honestly I am amazed at how realistic her face is....I expect her to meow at any given moment hehe!Sticking with the white theme is a white polar bear type teddy with a sad puppy dog expression.Also for my folkart is a painted muslin panda bear /plaque with a matching painting.I will try to get new pics posted on my teddy&folk art blog as soon as I can.Thank you for taking the time to stop in~~~talk with you again soon~~~~Sharie ***Here are some new bunnies just listed from Burlison bears.....aren't they sweet?!*** New update 4/15/09~~Eliza of Burlison Bears just started her new blog!~~~You can visit her by looking at my blog list to the right of the page~~~HugsxxxxSharie~~~

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...