Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lots(and lots)of new bears and kitties in the making

New design~traditional antique style mohair bears~fully jointed~the tan and green bears measure 9 inches tall and the white bear in the center measures 8 inches tall.

The first pattern I made for this style was a red felt bear and with a bit of tweaking I made the pattern for the mohair style.

Also in progress is a fully jointed mohair kitty(center)in a group hug with the smaller 6 inch standing mohair kitties.

Also in progress is an old style standing terrier dog awaitng his clown outfit.On the right another standing grey tabby kitty. 

A BIG group hug of all the bears and kitties in the making~as you can see I have been very busy creating*~*
I hope to have the jointed kitty and the standing circus terrier dog finished soon for ebay auctions.I will be having my etsy shop update ready soon,a bit behind schedual due to working on so many designs at one time*~*I will be back with new pics as soon as the new creations become available.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Panda~kitty and bunny now available on ebay auctions~

I am soooo happy to announce the gang is now listed on Ebay auctions~it took all day filled with glitches(too many to count lol)but they are now available if you would like to visit them.Just click the kitty on the right~and you should be taken to ebay~thank you*~*xxxxxSharie

Monday, April 9, 2012

Preview of new works forTuesdays eBay auctions

I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever get these new guys listed!Once again I am having issues from picture taking to computer glitches~and this is a brand new computer!I was going to take photos this afternoon and my camera wouldn't work,I found it was the batteries so I had to hurry and get to the store to get some.I do pics in two batches and by the time I got to my second batch the first group was erased.....ack!I also  found out that my studio window light is a bit much and washes out the color of my or makes them too bright~my poor kitty is a glowing yellow in some shots which makes him look like he has jaundace.
another issue is this computer has a glitch with windows,a blue screen that shuts it down without notice.Its been one thing after another and I am hoping to get the gang on ebay tommorow.I wanted to share the pic of the panda scene I named"play"this is the little jack in the box that I made that put me behind getting the listings on yesterday.Well I'm off to take more photos~be back as soon as everything is listed*~*

***I decided to change the eyes on the panda theme to black~I think they look better*~*

Saturday, April 7, 2012

~~Happy Easter!~~

~Happy Easter!~I hope everyone will have a Wonderful day~I can't believe how quickly the months have flown by.It seems like it was just Christmas and now Easter is arriving!I also have great news~I am now on my new computer~it was a bit scarey at first but went smoother than I expected.I did lose all of my e-patterns with the switch but was lucky enough to retrieve them through my sent emails for etsy purchases~thank goodness!~NowI can focus on getting my new works completed for ebay auctions,schedualed for Sunday evening.I'll post new pics as soon as they are completed*~****QUICK UPDATE****There will be a delay for my ebay auction listings~~I was hoping to finish everything up in time but it just wasn't possible.I have a panda that was to be on ebay this evening and at the last moment(this morning!)I decided he needed his own jack in the box to complete his theme~ it turned out to be a bit more tricky to make than I expected.The good thing is it turned out to be adorable having a tiny panda in the box itself, making the panda theme"play"stand out so well.I will also have a smaller 6 inch standing kitty with his little teddy tucked under his arm and a sweet prim bunny wearing a little bell.All will be listed Monday and I will be back with photos then*~*Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

~New bears~n~friends nearly completed~slight delay due to computer problems~

Hi everyone~I wanted to share a photo of one of my favorite bears I had made way back in 2007.He was created from shaggy felt and I just loved the look of this old looking ted but could never get this same appearance using mohair until now!I didn't have time for pics of the new mohair bear in this same style but I am sooo pleased with the way he turned out I'm feeling closer to creating the "perfect bear"!This style of bears and friends has a wobble style head with jointed arms and legs and lightly antiqued to look old and worn.I also have a little bunny and smaller standing kitty I'm finishing up for Sundays ebay auction.I was hoping to list them all today but I have been hit hard with computer problems.It is time to say goodbye to my old computer and hook up the new one.I am a creature of habit and do not like change at all lol,but it has to be done.Its going to be a bit scarey but I have wrote down every last password~and I have many~to be able to get back online smoothly.....fingers crossed!Another problem I am having is the new blogger platform.....it took over a half hour just to be able to post!I am not loving it but I will worry about that once I am up and running on the new computer(why can't they just leave things alone if they work fine?Ill never know)Be back soon with pics of the panda,bunny and kitty soon*~*xxxxxxSharie

It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...