Monday, April 9, 2012

Preview of new works forTuesdays eBay auctions

I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever get these new guys listed!Once again I am having issues from picture taking to computer glitches~and this is a brand new computer!I was going to take photos this afternoon and my camera wouldn't work,I found it was the batteries so I had to hurry and get to the store to get some.I do pics in two batches and by the time I got to my second batch the first group was erased.....ack!I also  found out that my studio window light is a bit much and washes out the color of my or makes them too bright~my poor kitty is a glowing yellow in some shots which makes him look like he has jaundace.
another issue is this computer has a glitch with windows,a blue screen that shuts it down without notice.Its been one thing after another and I am hoping to get the gang on ebay tommorow.I wanted to share the pic of the panda scene I named"play"this is the little jack in the box that I made that put me behind getting the listings on yesterday.Well I'm off to take more photos~be back as soon as everything is listed*~*

***I decided to change the eyes on the panda theme to black~I think they look better*~*

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