Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lots(and lots)of new bears and kitties in the making

New design~traditional antique style mohair bears~fully jointed~the tan and green bears measure 9 inches tall and the white bear in the center measures 8 inches tall.

The first pattern I made for this style was a red felt bear and with a bit of tweaking I made the pattern for the mohair style.

Also in progress is a fully jointed mohair kitty(center)in a group hug with the smaller 6 inch standing mohair kitties.

Also in progress is an old style standing terrier dog awaitng his clown outfit.On the right another standing grey tabby kitty. 

A BIG group hug of all the bears and kitties in the making~as you can see I have been very busy creating*~*
I hope to have the jointed kitty and the standing circus terrier dog finished soon for ebay auctions.I will be having my etsy shop update ready soon,a bit behind schedual due to working on so many designs at one time*~*I will be back with new pics as soon as the new creations become available.


  1. Wow, you have certainly been busy! They look wonderful. I love the bears...I am partial to bears. :o) Great style!

  2. ~~Thank you Debora for the sweet comment~~its so nice of you*~*xxxxxxxSharie


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