Friday, May 8, 2009

New creations for ebay!

Hi again!Here are some more pics of kitty(notice the bandaid on my thumb,I had cut it while fixing her nose hehe!) Kitty is now listed on ebay but I am encountering some problems getting the other teds listed as ebay is having issues!I hope you like all the new creations and I thank you for visiting them~~~Sharie ***Skittles the rainbow clown and Victoria in the blue dress w/bonnet have been adopted***thank you **Unfortunately Tippy's auction was ended due to keyword spamming by using "bear friend"in her title.I really do not understand why someone would be so cruelhearted to want to do this,but from now on I will abide by ebays terms.I have relisted her for 3 days at her ending price when her auction was ended.Thank you,Sharie


  1. Your bears are beautiful (as always ;O) ) LOVE your clown bear!! Beautiful!! Blessings and Hugs, Clare x



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Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!