Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost ready for holiday update

I thought I would take a quick break and pop in to share some photos of my new works in progress~~all needing some finishing touches for their holiday update schedualed in my etsy shop tommorow or Friday.Some are completely new designs like the starry night panda and in the meadow kitty.They are folk art themed with hand painted scenes on their bodies and I really like the way they turned out so far.I will also have two hand painted kitty ornaments~~the little candy cane kitty and tiny kitty with the tree and snowflakes on the tummy.Both created from cotton flannel.Also in the group are the snowman kitty and panda plus the candycane style panda bear clown~all created from felt 5 inches tall.Above is the winter hat scarf kitty and a new style snowman kitty,both made from felt.Some of the folkart kitties listed below in my older posts will also be available in the update.Lots to do so I'm back off to work but will be sure to post all of the gang once they are completed!~~~~Sharie

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