Monday, June 9, 2008

***New bears&kitties coming soon***

Hi everyone!It's been awhile since I've had a chance to post so I thought I should update my blog.I have many bears and kitties in the making....2 special order pink mohair kitties,1 striped tabby mohair kitty,some wee sized bears including some pinkies and a brand new design that I am so happy with!It is a one piece design teddy with the ears incorparated into the head....making a so sweet hug me look!I plan on listing my new teds n kitties in my etsy shop when they are completed.As always,I will update their pics on my blog.I found myself quite busy again(as a simple task of some spring cleaning that ended up into a full re-arranging and organizing my whole home and my teddy work area.What a job!Then came the new area rug,lamps,curtains and so on.Just when everything was neat and tidy,the rain came for days turning our small creek into a river!I had to stay alert until late last night and by a small miracle the water went down enough so I could finally get some rest.I live in Wisconsin and the southeast area was declared a diasaster area.It was so bad that in Wisconsin Dells,a major tourist area Lake Delton burst and washed into the Wisconsin river after taking many homes with it.I feel so sorry for the residents there and find it unbelievable the lake that was so famous is now an empty mudhole. This was where our family vacationed every year for the last 12 years.I also feel bad for the many families all through Wisconsin and the midwest that are flooded out of their homes due to the heavey rain.Well I will sign off for now and post updates on my newest creations***xxxxxx***Sharie

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