Thursday, November 10, 2011

~update on Misty after surgery and custom orders~

As promised I wanted to pop in for an update on Misty.Her surgery went smoothly and she took it like a trooper!I do feel sorry for her as the vet found she had a yeast infection in her ears and the medicine I have to apply makes her head greasy(from her trying to wash it out)not to mention she is not thrilled went I have to apply it lol.She was very drowsey yesterday went she got home but just as I thought she still tried jumping onto things so she had to stay put in the bedroom for the night to keep her from tearing any stitches.She still insists on getting on my lap when I'm on the computer so I let her,but very carefully.I have to say this has been such a busy week I have fallen a bit behind on my custom orders.Not only did I have Misty's surgery apt. this week I have also had problems with Time Warner.....again,the phone and internet were on the blink.I had to have a service tech come on Monday only to not find any problems,then on Tuesday same thing with cable going crazy so yet another appointment today.To make the story short the tech canceled the apt today because he found it was an area problem and not any modems or outside cable lines at out home eek!The good news everything is working allright for now,so thats a good thing.I thought I would also share the other two orders I'm working on.One is a pink kitty from 2008 and I had a heck of a time even finding her pattern lol.I'm also finding the kitty in progress looks quite a bit different,more like a whimsical fantasy kitty but she is cute and I think her new mommy will be happy with her.Then there is my sweet blush bear,the original shown above
with the custom request of being in a pale yellow clown suit with matching hat and collar with pastel polka dots of pink,mint green and pastel blue.Again,the bear and the outfit are turning out beautifully but the bear looks very different from the original.I know one thing for sure~this will be my last custom order because it really stresses me out to get them just right and done on time!So thats about it for now and I will post the special orders when they are completed*~*xxxSharie

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