Friday, December 9, 2011

*Winter update now in progress*

The big winter update is now in progress!It took a bit longer than planned due to computer glitches and posting about 60 photos but I'm happy to say all kitty cats and panda bears are all available for adoption.The big realistic kitty in the blue winter coat and bonnet along with the mini kitty and panda snowman(last 3 pics) are listed on ebay for a five day auction.All the rest of the gang is in my etsy shop listed with the pastel clown and the big pink kitty(older post below)which were special orders that the bearmom couldn't commit to.I hope you will enjoy them all!~~~~Sharie


  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! that peppermint cat and the white snowkitten!!!! they want me to have them can you hear them?? they are sooo freaken awesome sharie!

  2. Such a treat to feast my eyes upon these cuties, utterly adorable.

  3. Thanks so much everyone~I'm so happy you like them!Thanks Vivian~you make me giggle everytime*~*xxxxxSharie

  4. They are all lovely! Especially the white ones.
    I wish you the best Christmas sales for them all!

  5. I am your new stalker fan!! I LOVE your bears and cats! Do you have any kitties left to purchase?? I just purchased a bear from you, but I'd love to own one of your kitties!


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