Sunday, August 8, 2010

~~Sharing pics of special orders kitty cats~~

Hi everyone,hope you are enjoying your weekend!I managed to get my special kitty orders finished and thought I would share photos of them here on my blog.The grey kitty is 7 in tall,made of mohair with pretty blue glass eyes and a matching bow.He will be traveling to his new home in the UK.The mini pink mohair kitty is for the wonderful Viv who has waited so long for her completion!*SHE IS RESERVED IN MY ETSY SHOP*She measures 5 inches tall and is also created from mohair with blue glass eyes.this is the first mini that I actually got to look the larger 7 inch version in which I am so delighted with the way she turned out.I also wanted to share a quick pic of my baby prim blue mohair bear which also in progress.He has a bit of work to be done,but I really like this new design.I have also included another pic of Cassy undressed,still on ebay auction until Tuesday evening.Thank you for taking a peek at the gang!~~~~HugsxxxSharie


  1. You know that song by the pointer sisters? ♪♫I'm so excited♫♪? its playing in my head! thanks again Sharie!

  2. Hi Viv,thank you~~~~I am soooo happy you like her!She is waiting for you in my etsy shop hehe....I think we got a got a bit confused for her adoption lol~~~~Sharie

  3. These guys are all so cute... but OH I love that grey bear!!!

  4. Thank you!I've had nice compliments on the blue(grey looking!)prim bear,I was worried he looked like a drowned rat for his photo lol!I do plan on making more of this prim style.HugsxxxSharie

  5. As always...your work is stunning!


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