Monday, August 2, 2010

***Pics of new bears&kitties in progress***

Hi everyone!Here are the pics of the bears and kitty cats I have in the making.It is going to be a busy week trying to get the gang finished for their debuts on ebay and in my etsy shop(this week!).The first pic is the kitty in the vintage baby gown and bonnet(from a previous post below)as shown with her new tabby stripes and painted paw pads.She still requires several coats of gloss applied to her pawpads before she is completed.I am trying to get her ready for her ebay auction starting tommorow,Tues.The next pic are my new minis,each measuring 5 inches tall.The kitty has a new facial design with added felt to her muzzle.The little blanks(unfinished)also 5 inches will become a bear and a special order pink kitty for Viv(yes,finally lol).The 2 larger white blanks will become a special order grey kitty and a sweet blushed bear.Next is also a new design that I had mentioned in my last post,the 9 and1/2 petite primitive bear.I am really happy with his design and will definitely be making more! I have chosen a light blue color for him and will be aging him for a vintage look.His poor little ears are pinned to his head and need to be sewn on as does his nose before he is completed.Well I think I covered them all and like I said,I will be busy from sun up til sundown getting these guys completed!I hope you like them and I will post their completed photos once they are finished.~~~~Sharie


  1. Какой роскошный кот!

  2. They are just wonderful. I love the big kitty with the bonnet!!! I wish I could buy her, but my real kitty had an ER visit at 3 am last I can't. I like the big light colored bear a lot too!

    Hugs, Kelly

  3. Thank you for the nice comments.I'm so happy you like the new kitty!I'm sorry to hear about your kitty Kelly,that must have been so scarey at that time of morning with a sick kitty!Hope she/he will be okay!HugsxxxxSharie

  4. I also like the kitty wearing the bonnet. I love dogs, cats and bears, because they never talk back like kids....LOL
    I would be pleased if you could follow my blog too,
    Hugs Wendy

  5. Oh! Just how do you make them so pretty! I want to know! They are just adorable!

  6. Oh my...they are adorable!!

    I was wondering if you make custom orders...I would love one of my bengal cat?

    Could you message or email me?

    Best Wishes
    Sam (UK Bath)

  7. Now those are some cute bears :], how long did it take you to make them?

  8. Hi,and thank you!It depends really on the style of bear or kitty.The kitty was a work in progress and took about two weeks to complete,some of the simple styles take 2 days to a week.Thank you for the comment and I will be on my way to visit your blog.....I am a blog background I spent more time on my work than changing my blog I would get more done!~~~~sharie


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