Monday, July 19, 2010

**Bears on ebay and etsy update**

I thought I would pop in with a quick update on the teddy listings.Tippy,the rusty colored prim teddy and Pandie,the vintage style panda bear have now been adopted.Blume,Poppy and Jasmine(1st 3 pics above)are available in my etsy shop still looking for a home!I am working on a new bear design that is almost completed.He is a 9.5" vintage style ted,but in a dainty size which can be held in the palm of my hand.He is completely jointed and I just love the way he is turning out!I also have the kitty and pandas near completetion and plans on some new wee clowns,both bears&kitties coming soon.I will update once I have some pics in progress!~~~~Sharie

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