Sunday, August 22, 2010

***New bears kitty cats and dogs in my etsy shop***

I am so happy to announce I finally completed my works in progress and have them listed in my etsy shop.I had a major delay due to car problems then on top of that tripping on my porch chair leg Wednesday and breaking my pinkie toe!Then to add to me being behind my husband started his vacation last night(Friday) leaving me even less time to get my shop updated~~~~ so I did a midnight update and finally listed all the bears,kitties and even dogs that I had been working so hard to finish.I hope you find time to visit them in my etsy shop.All are available except the mini pink tabby that was a special order.Have a wonderful weekend!~~~~sharie****Quick update****I was so happy and a bit supprised early this morning when I checked my etsy shop and found all the bears&friends were all adopted overnight except little Peppie the panda clown!Thanks to all that adopted their new little friends!~~~~Hugs....Sharie


  1. Hi Sharie! I have just joined your blog and I was so impressed by seeing such a wonderful creations. They are so adorable and cute. Thanks a lot. Lena

  2. omg! sharie.. the pug! toooo freaken awesome!
    Im glad they all sold so quickly for you!

  3. Too cute! The little pug cracks me up!!

  4. Hi and thank you so much guys!Yes the pug was a silly little fellow wasn't he?It didn't look like he was too happy for his photo shoot lol!I'm happy you liked him~~~Sharie

  5. Oh I wish I could make pretty kitties like that! You should sell classes or something! I broke my pinky once, it was paintful so I hope it got better!

  6. I just found your blog, with all of your beautiful creations. Wow, your lovelies listed in your Etsy shop went so fast. It is no wonder, as they are exquisite. I'm going to keep a close eye on your future postings. :) Have a lovely week!


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