Tuesday, September 1, 2009

**Busy Busy!~~New kitty cats,bear,bunny and patterns in the making~~~

Hi everyone,I haven't had much time to post since I returned from my brief vacation.I have been consumed working on my new kitties and friends,and even some new patterns that I am hoping to offer soon. I am so proud of my newest kitty pictured in the blue hat.He is still a work in progress,and is my largest kitty to date measuring 15 inches tall,not including his tail and is completely jointed.
He is loosely based on my real kitty Rudy in the pics below.He is made from white mohair with handpainted accents and has a pressed mohair muzzle.I will keep secret what his outfit will be until he is completed (hint....it will match his blue velvet hat :)
.. Next is the white felt kitty I was talking about in an older post,how her little head looked so real in my hands,and I am just thrilled with the way she is turning out.....she reminds me of a kitten puppet!Of course as you can see her head is on a temporary brown body waiting for her own to be finished hehe.Next is a group of felt slimkins which are also in the making still needing a few finishing touches.and last but not least is my very first pattern line that will be available in the next couple of weeks!I can't wait until they are completed as I have been wanting to offer patterns of my bears&friends for such a long time.I am planning on listing the big tabby kitty and the felt slimprims on Ebay by Thursday with the patterns and little cream felt kitty coming soon.I will post any new updates before listing on Ebay!~~~~Sharie


  1. I love your work! I'm especially smitten with the new kitty head. How precious! Warmly, Cheryl

  2. ~~~Thank you sooo much!~~~HugsxxxxSharie

  3. oh my gooness. I am having a love affair with your bears! I must admit though...your cats are stealing my heart! Each of them is superb and so incredibly unique and eye enchanting.....super job!
    Warmest Blessings and Bear Hugs,
    Bramblewood Bears

  4. oh, the new kitties are so very sweet! So lifelike, yet, so like a storybook character.

  5. Sharie! Love your new kitty! Absolutely gorgeous realistic face :) And your bunnies are cute!
    Love your work!

    Hugs, Julia



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