Friday, October 23, 2009

*Update*New Bears&Kitty now available on Ebay

I have found the problem causing the glitches on my computer(IE 8 security update clashing w firewall)So now that I have that problem under control,I decided to list my newest bears&friends on ebay!They are now all listed so if you would like to visit their listings,please follow the Ebay link on the right!~~~~~Thank you....Sharie....Hi again,I had a couple of updates I wanted to share and rather than write a new post,I thought I would just add to this one.I will be focusing on my old style of bears that feature the fully jointed body designs.This will include some of my older styles and some brand new designs of bears and teddy friends.One of the latest head designs is featured on Harvey,the harvest panda(featured above with the white head and homespun body)I just love his sweet innocent look and can't wait to make more of his style with a jointed body.I also plan to finish the poor cream felt kitty pictured below in an older post.She is also a little sweety I plan on creating more of.Also in the making is my pattern line that will feature one piece designs and the jointed variety.I hope to have at least a couple of patterns ready before winter.Well that's it for now but I will post any new updates on new bears-n-friends and patterns as soon as they are available.~~~~Sharie

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