Monday, October 19, 2009

*Sneak Peek*New Creations Nearly Completed*

After quite a week of being extremely under the weather,along with some computer problems to make me think I might be jinxed,I am happy to announce all seven works in progress are almost completed,just needing a few small finishing touches.The gang should be finished by tommorow and I will be updating both my etsy shop and ebay store.If I find I am having computer problems again(can't stay connected to the internet)I may list all seven in my Etsy shop.Hope you like them!~~~~Sharie


  1. Hi Sharie

    they are all simply gorgeous love your cats and teddies.


    Woodbury Park Bears

  2. Hi Sharie
    Because you have such a wonderful blog, I would like for you to receive a special blog awards.
    You may pick your awards up at my site:
    Alena Eliseeva



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