Friday, November 20, 2009

*New Teddy Design&Mini Bears now Completed*

***~~~All the Teddies have now been adopted and are traveling to their new homes :)~~~***

I am so happy to introduce you to my new teddy design,Cody a super sweet faced panda bear cub with realistic features.Cody measures 11 inches tall and is made from mohair with handtinted accents.He is fully jointed for a variety of posing possibilities.I've given him a handsculpted nose complete with sculpted little pawpads and feet with tiny toes!I just love the way he turned out,his personality makes him seem so real.Also finished are three dainty little mohair bears measuring 6&7inches tall.Happy the cream bear,Blue a 6" teddy and Crystal,a 7"white teddy with shimmering bow and a little snowflake on her tummy.All will be available on ebay shortly.Hope you like them!~~~~Sharie***Quick update***All teddies are now on ebay and available for adoption~~~ Little Crystal and Happy have been adopted~~~Unfortunately,I had to end Cody's auction due to many mistakes in his first listing to be able to revise them correctly.He should be reappearing shortly~~~Sorry for the confussion!.....sharie


  1. Oh my I really like him!!! Please let me know when he is up on eBay.
    Thanks. :))

  2. Cody is stunning! His muzzle and profile are just much expression. Something about your bears just captures my heart! I truly love each one of them!!
    Bear Hugs and Blessings,
    Bramblewood Bears

  3. Cody is fabulous! What a lovely design! But, then again, I love all of your bears!
    Heaps of Hugs,
    Bingle Bears

  4. Thank you all so much for your kind words~~~I truely appreciate it!



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