Thursday, December 31, 2009

****Happy New Year****

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish everyone a very happy new year!Also a very big thank you for the get well posts,it was so nice of you to take the time to write and I appreciate it very much.It is taking longer than I expected,but I am getting better day by day.I have been taking a high dose of antibiotics daily,(3,600 mgs)and it makes me a bit drained out.The pnuemonia has cleared but I am still dealing with the staph infection that caused three abcesses on my leg, one being severe with cellulitus.I also have issues to work out for my teddy business due to paypals latest 21 day hold period that will apply to more than ebay transactions.If you are a seller with a paypal account for your website,etsy,ebay or other venue you may want to check your paypal account to see if you will also be placed on a hold to recieve your funds.I am trying to avoid too much stress at this time but I must say paypal and ebay are really making me loathe them more each day.Of course ebay owns paypal so they assume they can run all businesses as they do on ebay.As for the new bears and kitties they should be listed within a couple of weeks.I will update when they are completed.Have a wonderful New Year!~~~~Sharie


  1. hope you are feeling a lot better soon,thats outrageous a
    bout paypal,i've not heard of that here,,,,,,,yet!
    wishing you a happy healthy and prosperous new year
    sandra x

  2. I hope that the New Year finds you feeling better.

    Jon Lee



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