Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paypal holds may be affecting your account soon!

I thought I should take the time to post about this very important issue that is now beginning to affect many sellers with paypal accounts.This is impacting more than ebay sellers as many who sell on etsy are also being placed on 21 day holds.There also have been talks that it will even affect small business owners who sell on their websites.I am not writing this to cause a scare,just for everyone to be prepared and have a back-up plan if necessary.I myself am on the hold,getting my notice on Christmas eve.Sure enough when I logged into my paypal act in big bold letters I was told future payments WOULD be on hold.I have set up my new ecrater store that supports google checkout and this is where I will be offering a majority of my bears and friends very soon.It is a very nice website in which you recieve your very own store free of any charges.The only setback is the shipping matrix and if it doesn't drive you insane before you finally figure it out its!Anyway I am going to post several links to discussions on the paypal holds from auctionbytes,ebay and etsy some very lengthy but full of information.I do hope you will find the chance to read up on all of them.You will find all the links above.I would love to hear if you too have been affected by this underhanded policy and what your plans might be if you would care to share.~~~Sharie.

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