Wednesday, January 20, 2010

***Doing the ~Happy Dance~Paypal 21 day hold was a mistake!*

I have a quick update to the paypal hold issue that was a concerne for myself and many others who accounts were also placed on hold.Turns out it was a mistake!I recieved the email today from paypal stating they accidently sent out thousands of emails to sellers that were not supposed to be notified at all~~~what a sigh of relief!I feel like doing the "happy dance" as a burden had been lifted from my shoulders.I just hope they don't accidently do it again anytime soon!I also wanted to update you on some other options I might consider besides my new Ecrater store to offer my creations.(now that I'm off the paypal hold!)I have been looking into bigcartel and wikilime,both beautiful webstores complete with shopping carts that take paypal checkout.I have will be adding links to both so you can see how nice they are.(I would love to know which one you like!)I had first thought to stay with Ecrater because of the option of googlecheckout,thus hoping to avoid paypal for a time.As I said in my previous post,I am looking for the easiest way to offer my bears without having to sign up to become a member or log in before adopting a new teddy or friend.They are almost exactly the same but big cartel only offers 5 listing at no charge and 9.99 per month for 25 listings where as wikilime is completely free for 25 listings.**The teddies in both stores are only a test so I could get the feel of the stores set up**.I thought I would post these new options incase other bear artists or crafters may be interested in a nice shopping cart to incorporate to their websites or selling venues.~~~~For some reason I cannot get the links to work here in my post so I will add them on the top RIGHT of my blog if you would care to have a peek at them.Hugs~~~~Sharie

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