Thursday, January 14, 2010

January updates on new bears and old favorites in the making

I'ts hard to believe that we are approaching the middle of the month already.....where in the world does the time go?!It has been a long road of recovery for me but I am soooo happy to say I am feeling better and am now on my LAST week of antibiotic.One more doctor visit in two weeks and that should be it,what a relief!In the meantime I have been getting my Ecrater store spruced up for the grand opening of new bears and kitties.I have so many in progress from before the holidays,12 in all that I could not complete and will be listing them as they become available.I also look forword to offering some of my old designs,(and there are many as I discovered from sorting through all of my patterns today lol!)some felt styles and some mohair but especially the old antique and primitive styles that I love so much.I really miss creating them!One of my most favorite bears I created was Dexter,created from felt in the very first(top) pic above.I just loved his sweet expression and would like to created him again,but in a smaller size as he was 15in tall.Next pic(middle) is a ted that I created from vintage handyed mohair.He had that wonderful steiff appearance that made him look old and loved.Then the last pic(bottom)is a sweet old looking bear,made from felt with that well loved appearance.I also want to get started on my new pattern line very soon to be able to have ready by spring.I hope to get on the ball now and have some new creations available next week.xxxxxSharie


  1. These are all absolutely beautiful! Glad to hear you are feeling much better and are being welcomed back by your sweet new hug!

  2. Hello glad you are feeling better. Love these bears..especially the little guy in the bottom picture..he is wonderful.

    Take care, Doreen

  3. Glad you are feeling better. It's stating the obvious, but it's horrible being ill :(

    I too like the bear in the bottom picture. Oozes cuteness!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. It's a really DREAM!!!
    luxury bears!



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