Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharing some before and after pics

Hi everyone,I thought I would post the before and after pics of the bears from yesterdays etsy shop update(all the bears have now been adopted and will be off to their new homes tommorow).I wanted to post them last night but things just got so hectic with trying to take pics for the blooming bear preview and getting the bears listed in my shop I just didn't have a chance.So here are the photos showing the before and finished bears.Sometimes I get a bit too involved and don't know when to stop when I am creating a new design.I often find that I need to add extras like the sculpted nose and extra tinting and highlighting to add some realism to the bear which can turn a two day bear into a week or more to complete lol.I also found that working with these tiny bears,the cotter pin joints can be a bit tricky......I needed my reading glasses to be able to see the pins to turn them correctly.Of course I shouldn't complain because I find the larger cotter pins very difficult to turn smoothly and at least the little ones are soft and pliable.Well I hope you enjoy the pics!~~~~~Sharie


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