Friday, February 11, 2011

***Busy as a bee**deadlines and new etsy shop update coming soon!**

Hi everyone,I have had a busy week working on the new bears so didn't have much time to post any new pics of their progress.Also what set me into high gear is that I remebered that my preview photo for the teddybears online blooming bear show is due by Tuesday......good heavens I had been working so hard on all the other bears I almost forgot about getting the main bear done so I have been on overdrive trying to get teddy ready for picture day.I can't say much about the bear for the show because we all have to keep it a secret until the preview day.I can tell you I am proud of him so far and I think you will love his look.Another thing I have been working on is to get some of the new designs finished and listed in my etsy shop by Sunday(fingers crossed!)I will have at least 3 in the shop and maybe if time allows the tiny kitty that was in progress pictured below.Kitty has had quite a transformation since you last seen her and I think you will be supprised at her finished appearance.So thats it for now but I will hopefully post on sunday with pics of the bears in my etsy shop update~~~~~Sharie

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  1. The same for me! I almost forgot about the deadline!
    Good luck!!


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