Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kenosha blizzard was horrible!

In my last post I was talking about the blizzard warning issued for or area but I would have never guessed how big it would be!Wow,it was a monster storm that shut Kenosha down for two days.It also hit other southern parts of Wisconsin hard and as many of you might have seen on tv,Chicago was like a nightmare.To make this event even more stressful I was home alone during the entire blizzard!My husband works for a towing company so he had his first call early(then working straight for over 30 hours!).....of all things a snow plow and my son ventured into town earlier in the day and could not make it back home so it was up to me to hold down the fort.I can't even describe the force of snow driven by winds of nearly 60 miles per just takes your breath away trying to breathe air in instead of snow.The roads here were completely impassable an the national guard came in to help rescue the stranded people stalled on the roadways.Now being alone was bad enough but around 1:10 am my cable went out meaning no tv,phone or computer and I am still a bit old fashioned and do not have a cell phone.I just kept telling myself nothing bad will happen here but if it does I'll just run outside and yell as loud as possible for help if needed.Isn't it something how your brain plays games with you during stressfull times picturing every bad thing that could possibly happen?I was up alomost all night and starting the shoveling around 4:00 am and all through the day to keep entrances open.I had a small radio and a weather ban radio to try to get an idea of what was happening with the storm.My son finally made it back home the day after the storm late in the afternoon and my husband around 6:00 pm.I was so glad to have company again and a tv that kicked back in around 5:00pm.I have posted some pics from around the Kenosha area and put on a youtube link for videos on my sidebar(if it works!)

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