Thursday, March 15, 2012

~~New Studio and bears in progress for Spring Update in April

Its so nice to finally have time to get back to my blog.The first of the year always brings a bit of bad luck and this one was no different.My husband had been getting sick more often with severe chest colds that would always end up turning into pnemonia.After becoming ill again and being admited into the hospital, our family doctor called in a lung specialist to see what might be causing this.It was determained that my husband has copd,a chronic lung condition that he will have for the rest of his life.The only good thing about this is that he is being treated with new meds that help him feel more like his old self(which can be a good or bad thing lol).On a happier note I finally got my own studio!A room I can call my own to have some quiet time and finally get all supplies and photo equiptment in one place~~~~Yippeeee!(I use to have to take my photos in the kitchen!)It still needs a bit of work like a fresh coat of paint and maybe some new furnishings but I am quite happy with it so far.As you can see I have my little helpers visit with me to keep me company hehe.If you will notice that wonderful antique childs hutch in the background,it was moving this on my own that pulled out my back which also added to my blogging and bearmaking being on hold.So I hope all the bad luck for the year is over,hubby and I feel better and new bears and kitties are in the making for my spring update due in April.I also have new plans on the way I do updates on my creations.I plan on a monthly etsy shop update and look for new bears and kitty cats weekly on ebay auction.I have alot of works in progress(30 in all)some near completed and some traced and ready to be sewn.Also look for brand new designs coming soon.I will be sure to post new pics as they become completed.Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day!~~~~~Sharie

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  1. Hi Sharee it is wonderful to see you back on board I have missed your sweeties Sue


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