Sunday, July 17, 2011

~~New bears and kitty cats in my etsy shop~~

It took alot of work but I finally managed to get my bears and kitties finished and listed in my etsy shop~~~yippy!The teddies on parade was just wonderful and I know whoever visited the show would agree!It was very very busy on the first day which set my schedual a little behind but it was worth it!Well I hope you enjoy meeting the gang~~~you can have a peek at their listings in my etsy shop~~~HugsxxxxSharie


  1. Hope you did well at the sale this weekend. I love your bears and kitties. They are the kind that make you wanna smooch them!
    Your lighting is very well done. Clean and white! Could you share a bit about what you are using for lighting and camera, and how you set up for a photo shoot?

  2. Hi Sue thank you!My goodness the show was just awesome~the first few hours of the show was crazy busy!We had over 6,600 people visit the forst 48 hours which is amazing!And I was lucky enough to sell all 10 bears for the show.Now for photos,they don't always turn out so well...hehe...but usually not too bad.First off I use a digital camera(hp) with zoom set at "flash off" then2nd setting macro for close up options.Second step is lamp near the side the bear but up high(on taller table or desk) as to not wash the photo out and the best trick,I use one of those weird looking metal stand light poles that you can bend at the angle you like using only 2 bulbs and have the light stand behind me focusing on the teddy and area he is sitting on.Hope that makes sense lol.My photo area is just a small cabinet with doors and the display is on top.Hope this helps!~~~Sharie


It's been awhile since I had the chance to get any new bears and friends listed but I am happy to share the gang who...