Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've been tagged!

I have been tagged by the super sweet Ellen from Ellifolks Blog to tell 6 random things about myself.I am a bit behind as I was tagged over a week ago,but due to my back being on the blink I couldn't get to it sooner(sorry Ellen!)So here goes:(1)I am a huge animal lover being especially fond of kitty cats.I have 7 in all ranging in age from 1year old all the way to the oldest being 19.Many were adopted from litters of abandoned cats that ignorant people dumped off thinking they would find homes in an instant.My kitties names are:Bobby-Teeds-TeeTee-Rudy-Cookie-Slinky and Baby girl,the only female of the bunch.I am also taking care of a fixed stray female who is living in my heated porch so she didn't freeze to death in the subzero weather.Her name is SweetieKitty.I also have a large amount of birdfeeders to make sure the birds are fed on a daily basis.I am an avid birdwatcher!(2)I once had a doll collection that grew to over 1000!I collected a variety of them,both old and new and my favorites were Barbie dolls.I eventually sold them off to further my dollmaking skills.(3)I came along late in my family.My mom and dad had 5 children,me being the last and almost 20 years younger than my oldest brother.I have a neice that is almost as old as me!For 3 months out of the year,we are the same age.(4)I live in the county right next to a goat farm.There are a variety of animals such as sheep,chickens,guinee hens,peacocks an occasional mule and 2 lamahs!Oh and of course,many many goats.The little ones are just adorable!(5)I am a fanatic of moisurizing creams and anti-aging face creams.I have tried almost all of them on the market!And by the way,oil of olay regenerist is the best!(6)I am a huge fan of surviver and lost!When surviver first aired,I taped every episode for 7 years!I finally decided to just purchase them from now on because I had too many vcr tapes of the show and no more room to store them.I plan on watching lost until the very end,even though I still can't figure out the mysteries of the island,but thats what makes it so addictive.I will post my six choices to pass the tag game onto soon.It seems like almost everyone was tagged for the very same game hehe! Be back soon~~~~Sharie *update*Here are my six choices ~please visit their links under bear artists blogs listed on the right hand side~~~Catherwoods blog~~~~BootButtonBears blog~~~~Acid Attic Bears blog~~~~My primitive sistas blog~~~~eat cake bears blog~~~~cupcake bears blog~~~~~The rules for the game is to list 6 things about yourself,and chose 6 more players,contact them on their blog to invite them to play and then put their link on your post.(you can visit ellifolks blog for a better detailed description)I'm off to contact them with my selections.Hugs!xxxxSharie


  1. This is so interesting to know it about my favorite bear maker))Thx

  2. Hi Sharie,
    Thanks you so much for tagging my Blog!
    I will reply promptly :)
    I really adore you bears! I've been watching them for years on Ebay. I am so glad you stop by and tagged my blog:)

  3. Well thank goodness someone else has many cats! We have 6, the youngest being 9 and the rest all well into double figures. Plus 5 chickens and 2 guinea pigs.

    I have two nephews who are older than me, one by 6 months and one 3 years. Plus a niece who is 6 months younger.

    Seems we have a few things in common!

    Love your bears! Bid on one last year, but was outbid :(

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Thanks for the compliments ,your all so sweet!Stacy I am flattered by your comment~~~Thank you!~~~Your so welcome Elena,take your time I know how busy things can get for a bearmaker...giggle...It took me a week to get mine posted.Hi Sarah!It does seem like we have things in common and it is good to know I'm not the only one who has a cat fancy lol.I don't have chickens,but sometimes a stray one from the goat farm will wonder into my yard.Wow you have me beat with your nephews!Isn't it amazing how these kind of things happen?Something that doesn't happen too often.Oh,and I have to compliment that adorable bunny on your avatar!He is just so sweet!Thanks again everyone,it was great chatting with you!~~~~sharie

  5. Its nice to read about a fellow animal lover that rescues pets!! Pam

  6. Yea!! A great post, Sharie! What a wonderful, furry family you have. :-)
    (I collect dolls, too - and will have to try that oil of olay regenerist!) Thanks for the link -oh my, what a read! :-D)

  7. Hi Sharie!

    Thanks for the tag :) I've paid it forward and tagged a few more folks.
    We have 6 furballs too...3 dogs and 3 cats. All rescues but one. (well, there's another random fact about me LOL).
    I love your kitty creations, they remind me of my tabby kitty.



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