Saturday, April 13, 2013

My new grandbabiesxxxxx

I'm so happy I can finally share the pics of my new grandson and grandaughter with you all!I'm so happy to be a new gramma and there are no words to even describe the joy I am feeling.Little Larry was born in March but I wanted to wait for little Lillianna to be born(today!)before I posted their photos.We all went to the hospital today and brought baby Larry with so both of my sons could have their photo taken with each other holding the was the sweetest moment and I will be sure to post that photo once I get it.It has been a hectic month but I plan on getting back to my bears and kitties and hope to have some available soon.xxxxxxxSharie


  1. Congratulations!! Both baby's are beautifull!!
    Lucky you to be a grandma with two baby's at ones...:O)
    Cuddle them as much as you can before they are grown up,
    time is going so quick!!
    Love from Esther



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