Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New bears kitties and grandbabies in the making!

Hi everyone!Time has flown by sooo fast since my last post but things have gotten quite busy for me~~I recently found out that I am going to be a new grandma for the first time~~~not once but twice!Both of my sons are going  to be new daddies.....I can hardly believe it!Both at once,I wouldn't have dreamed this would happen in a million years lol.The new mommies birthdates are only one day apart.My oldest has been through so much finding out he did have Lupus and was given meds that made him feel very ill.He is coping and found a new job that is less stressfull and is looking forward to becoming a new father.He and his fiance will be getting married as soon as the new baby arrives.My youngest son and his fiance are staying with me and my husband until they can save up enough money for their own apartment so I turned my new craft room into a sewing/nursery room.This was a challange but I made enough room for everything to fit and be functional at the same tme.On another happy note~~~I have created brand new designs of both bears and kitties,completely revamped from head to toe and they are coming along nicely,almost finished.I have also been focusing on my antique styles of bears,fully jointed but now with a plumper three piece body design.I look forward to sharing new pics of them all in progress in a couple of days*~*Be back then~~~~~Sharie

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