Saturday, November 13, 2010

~~*Clowns*kitty*elephant*completed~~now in my etsy shop~~~

I'm so happy to announce all of the new clowns,kitty and of course the panda elephant are now completed and listed in my new etsy shop update.I love how Willy the elly turned out and I'm pretty happy with him as my first try in making one.Little thomas kitty has also had a big transformation since his unfished stage with the dollies below(in an older post)Also done are the winter clowns Wolfey and Foxey and dear sweet little Grace in her vintage dolly dress(I am a bit smitten with her and it will be hard to let her go lol)The clowns including the elly and Grace are a larger size,just a tad under 11 inches and Jax (yellow clown)is 8" and little Thomas kitty is 7 inches tall and 5 way disk jointed.Well thank you for stopping in to meet the gang and I hope you like them.~~~~HugsxxxxSharie~~~~~quick update....all of the gang except Wolfey(last teddy pictured)has now been adopted.....thank you so much~~~sharie


  1. They are always so lovely your bears!
    My favorit is the creme coloured one!

    Thanks so much for adding me to your links!! :)

  2. just discovered you! and boohoo went to your etsy and all sold.. delightful.. your greys look like my kitties..


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