Friday, September 17, 2010

~Sharing pics of kitties in progress with basaak blythe dolls~

My Bassak Blythe(clone)dolls arrived yesterday and I just love them!I did a wee bit of customizing on them and thought it would be fun to have them pose with my new kitty designs in the making.As you can see they have all became very good friends in no time at all.The 2 painted cloth kitties,blue and pink will become polka dottys with little clown hats and skirts,the kitty clown is the hint I gave in the last post,a shabby chic cottage style clown.All the roses and leaves have been hand painted onto the fur.The white kitty that the girls love cuddling in the hutch with is the white little 7 inch kitty that I wrote about in my last post.The new kitties need a bit of work before they are completed but will look much better with their finishing touches.I have to say that these sweet little dolls are quite addicting and I almost couldn't stop taking photos of them lol!Well I hope you enjoyed meeting the new dollies and designs and I will post as soon as they and the special orders are completed.~~~~~Sharie


  1. Hi Sharie,

    Are any of those kitty's mine? I'm so excited I can hardly wait.


  2. Hi Meri,these are kitties for my etsy update and yours will be in the making soon~~~hugs!...Sharie


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