Wednesday, February 3, 2010

~~New Bears and Kitty Cats now Completed~~

I am happy to announce the bears and kitty cats that were in progress are now completed and available in my etsy shop.I was hoping to have the grand opening for my new webstore but didn't have the chance to upgrade to premium.I would have only been able to list one photo for each teddy or friend and that wouldn't!You also may notice that the felt kitty is wearing a different dress than her original in progress pic.This is because I found a pesky tiny brown spot on her dress so I decided against using it for her.I hope you enjoy meeting them all and again,they can be found in my etsy shop.~~~~Sharie***Abby kitty above in blue dress, Gabby bear in white dress and pink tabby kitty Bonnie have been adopted.Charlie panda is still available.Thank you!***


  1. I looove you bears and kittens:)
    They are adorable!

    Best wishes

  2. So very sweet! I love their little faces...
    Hope your weekend is wonderful~

  3. its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..Mobiles

  4. I love them all... especially that kitty in blue dress.



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Thank you for visiting!