Friday, June 12, 2009

***Meet the crew***New teddy bears now completed***

Hi everyone!I am so delighted to share the new pics of my newest bears,getting ready for their debut on ebay shortly.It took alot of work to get these fellas completed,but I was determained that I could do it!(and keep my word on listing earlier than the last auctions)All the teddies will have the buy in now option to purchase without a long 5to7day auction.So lets meet the bears~~~first on the left is a sweet 12 inch baby faced bear named Jaimie~~~in the middle pic is a 10 inch old style teddy named Chuckles as he seems to be smiling~~~next on the top right is another sweet 12 inch baby faced bear named Shortcake~~~bottom row left is a mini pink ted named Holly~~~~in the middle a blue mini named Bing and last but not least, far right bottom is a cutie pie mini panda named Andy.All are made from mohair and have been aged for that old vintage look.I will start listing them soon and I hope you enjoyed meeting the crew! Thanks for visiting~~~~sharie ****update: all of the mini panda bears Holly,Bing&Andy have now been adopted along with Shortcake the pink teddy and Jaimie the first bear pictured on the top left****little Chuckles(middle top is still available)thank you....sharie



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Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for visiting!