Thursday, May 8, 2014

Working on a special order~~Blythe size bears

I thought I'd pop in and share what I have in progress. I am working on a special order for Blythe size bears and friends. Blythe is a tricky little lady for getting the right size bear for her to cuddle with*~~* I started with the blue bear which measures about 4and 1/4 inches tall. Then I reworked the pattern for the panda bear, measuring 3and 1/2 inches tall. I thought it would be impossible but I reworked the pattern again and came up with a tiny 3 inch teddy! Although I love his size it is a bit difficult to get his little bear face just right. I think I like the panda bear the best for Blythe~~~do you have a favorite opinion? I would love to knowxxxxx


  1. They are great Sharie! I think the panda is a great size for Blythe. the little one's face still looks cute! The panda is a winner for me! "Hugs" Sarah.

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you for taking the time to comment~~that makes 3 votes so far for the panda bear(including facebook) Thanks again*~~*xxxxxSharie


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